Have you ever considered wearing a medical bracelet? If you have not, then you should consider it. As a diabetic, it is very important that you notify any doctor or emergency personnel of your medical history. However, there may be cases when you are not able to relay this information before you receive treatment.  A diabetes alert rubber bracelet is a great solution to this problem. 

Although a medical alert bracelet is a great way to let people know about your medical condition, some people are hesitant to wear one because of a few misconceptions.


Identification as a Diabetic: One of the reasons that you may not want to wear a bracelet is because you will automatically be identified as a diabetic. You may be concerned about your privacy; however the average person is not going to look to see if you are wearing a medical bracelet.  If you are concerned you can select a bracelet that blends in with your clothing.  Also, most people will not judge you because you are a diabetic.

It's Ugly: You may be concerned that the bracelet will be ugly.  There are a ton of bracelets that you can choose to reflect your style.  In fact there are a wide variety of designs, colors, and different bracelets that you can choose.  The diabetes bracelet that you select can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want.  Although you may want to select one bracelet over another, there are are certain things that you should consider when you choose a diabetes alert rubber bracelet

I'm Young: You may also think that bracelets are only for older people.  However, bracelets are made for people of all ages.  Please do not let your age dictate whether you get a bracelet.  A bracelet can be just as effective for a young person as it can be for an older person.

Reasons to Wear a Diabetes Alert Rubber Bracelet

Emergency Situations: The main reason to wear a diabetes alert rubber bracelet is in case you are involved in an emergency.  If you have a child with diabetes, the bracelet will help the child when he or she is not in your care.  For instance, if a child is at school and needs medical attention, the emergency personnel will be notified of the child’s condition. 

If you are an adult, you will probably have the expectation that you will always be able to communicate your information to emergency personnel.  However, in an emergency, you may not be able to give the emergency personnel your information.  Wearing a bracelet will tell the emergency personnel that they need to be careful with the medicine that you are given.  Even if you live with other people, they may not know your extensive medical history.  Someone that does not know your history or understand the importance of mentioning diabetes may not tell the emergency people the information that they need to know.  Wearing a bracelet is a simple way to alert medical personnel that you have a medical condition that desires special attention.

Motivation: Wearing the bracelet can help you stay motivated to take care of yourself.  Some people that I know with medical bracelets are reminded to take their medication by looking at their bracelet.  Perhaps it will give you that little amount of encouragement to make sure that you do everything that you need to do to continue taking care of yourself.

Conversation: If you choose a diabetes alert rubber bracelet that is very noticeable, you may be provided with the opportunity to educate other people about your diabetes.  This is a great way to start a conversation about your medical condition, without overwhelming another person.


A diabetes alert rubber bracelet is a simple way to tell people of your medical condition in the case of an emergency.