RV Sale Used or New

New or Used RV

Should I buy a New or a Used RV Vehicle?

So you have decided to buy a Recreational RV travel trailer.  The big question is, should it be a new or used one? If you are like most people, the purchasing budget is the biggest deciding factor here. After all, you want to be able to get the best vehicle that will fit all of your needs, for the best price.  Just remember, it is like buying a used car.  The key phrases are "As Is" and "Buyer Beware".  You could be picking up someone else’s headaches.

A careful, knowledgeable consumer can find that special used travel trailer RV in a private sale. It is my suggestion that you find a reputable used RV dealership in your state or province before considering any private sale.  But if you do find a private sale that you like, make sure to ask for all of the maintenance papers on the vehicle.  At least you will be able to tell if the maintenance has been kept up since the person has owned the vehicle. Although, most people would agree, that a very thorough inspection by a licensed RV mechanic, would be well worth the dollars spent.   I believe that a very special note should be taken if a person were to find a great looking RV vehicle that has not been used for a season or two. This to me is a real red flag as any vehicle’s mechanics, as well as the rubber, can deteriorate if a vehicle is not used on a regular basis.

Now, if you decide to buy a new travel trailer or RV, you might call the manufacturer of that model and see if you can order the vehicle direct from the factory.  This way, you will have a choice of which options that you want.  If you do this of course, you should add a couple of months extra to your delivery time because it takes time to build the unit.

If you are cross border shopping for that special RV vehicle, you should know that before you can take delivery of any purchased unit, the vehicle must be paid for in full.  Allow yourselves enough time, to make the appropriate bank transfers. This way you will not have time constraints to arrive home on a specific date.  You will need that bill of sale to cross over the border.

In today’s market a lot of people are concerned about the cost of fuel in the RV world. There is that age old question, should I buy a luxury RV that uses gasoline or diesel fuel? Most experienced RV veterans know that there are pros and cons to consider for this question. But truly it does come down a personal choice. Do the research for yourself and talk to other RV owners.  This way you can make a more informed decision.

Most of all, use caution when buying any vehicle, and know what shape it is in, before you buy.

Happy shopping, enjoy your new orused RV.  Safe driving and we will see you on the road.