Whether you are an Apple purist, someone fed up with Windows, or are simply looking to broaden your horizons, the iMac 21.5 inch is worth a review on your search.

Many other iMac 21.5 reviews have looked at this computer and it has been generally well received and noted to be a high performance computer and a good investment for its users.

Does it remain to be a good investment for you though? Is the Apple iMac price worth it?


iMac 21.5 Review - “Fastest Graphics Ever”

The iMac 21.5 review show that it is, indeed, an incredibly advanced Apple product compared to what else is available on the market.

Apple is known for its user-friendly devices that never compromise performance, and they do it again with the iMac 21.5.

Thanks to the second generation Intel Core i5 quad-core processor, the iMac 21.5 continues to exceed expectations with its gaming perks and high-quality media applications. Not only this, but the iMac 21.5 points out it has Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, which pushes your Apple computer and its speed to the next level – users review again and again how incredible the iMac 21.5 is compared to other models on speed because of this.

If a fast processor is a compelling purchase point to you, you cannot get any faster than the iMac 21.5.

Even better, the iMac 21.5 Apple computer is meant for multitaskers (what computer user is not a multitasker, anyway?) with the high performance thanks to Intel’s Hyper-threading Technology.


iMac 21.5 Review -  A Compelling Display

The iMac 21.5 review comes with a backlit LED glossy display, which is both easy on the eyes and environmentally friendly. Do note that there is no matte option which may be off-putting to some users – but, if you want my opinion, matte screen displays are a dated trend with glossy providing superior picture.

The display on the iMac 21.5 also comes with an impressive 178 degree viewing angle.


The High Definition iMac 21.5 Camera for Face Time

As the iMac 21.5 review will show, it will take your average Skype session to the next level with its incredible high definition camera.

The power of the iMac 21.5  camera will allow you to make full screen video calls with friends and family. And do not let this component remain understated – reviewers continually remark on the power of this camera compelled to others on the market.

If you think you may use your webcam at any time with friends or family, that alone would validate a purchase of the iMac 21.5 Apple computer.

Even if not, this awesome Apple computer comes with user-friendly and detailed video editing should you use your webcam for other purposes. Several Apple reviewer sites note the significant improvements on the camera from older models, so if you are concerned you will not get the bang for your buck in this area, the information available suggests the contrary about the iMac 21.5.


iMac 21.5 Review - Extras that You Will not See Elsewhere

The iMac 21.5 comes with the Apple Magic Mouse, a specially-designed mouse to go with your iMac 21.5 that is sleek, easy to use, and designed for fast navigation through your iMac 21.5 applications and whatever else you do on your iMac 21.5.

As Apple users note, the entire mouse is its own button, which some people find more compelling than having to click different buttons for different actions.

With the wireless keyboard, again Apple boasts a top of the line, sleek and comfortable product. This very thin keyboard is wireless and modern-style, making it attractive no matter your surrounding décor. 

It is a pretty awesome combo of a wireless keyboard and mouse.


Accessories to Enhance Your iMac 21.5 Experience

One exciting iMac 21.5 review mentions the Apple Magic Trackpad, which is the first multi-touch track pad available on the market specifically for use with your iMac 21.5.

You use it as you would looking through pages in a book. It is a unique and fun concept available specifically for iMac 21.5 users.

Also available for use with your new iMac 21.5 is the breathtakingly capable Apple battery charger, noted for being able to hold a charge for up to 10 years with its six NiMH batteries.

One of my biggest complaints with wireless devices (both for te computer and tablet) when they first became mainstream was how short the charges held. You can eliminate this complaint with the iMac 21.5 – for a lot of people, I think this component is enough to purchase.

iMac 21.5 Review - The Negative Side...

The fact is, with any Apple product, you will see some anti-Apple naysayers who oppose purchase of the product just for the fun of it.

But to be honest, you would be hard-pressed to find a coherent review in opposition of purchasing the iMac 21.5. I know I looked long and hard and could not find any to speak of.

Some feel concerned about the price but at $1159.97 on Amazon, I think all of the aspects of the iMac 21.5 make it well worth the price. If you're looking for a hardcore computer, then I'd definitely recommend purchasing the iMac 21.5.