Getting a New Dog

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Adding a new dog to your family should be something you take some time to think about before you just go and do it. There are many factors to consider in determining what kind of dog you should get, if you should adopt a rescue dog, if the dog will live inside or outside, if you want a puppy or an adult and much more. Dogs are mans best friend but can also be handful!

Adopting a Rescue Dog from the Pound

Adopting a rescue dog is a great thing to do and you will most likely be saving the dogs life. Many people abandon their dogs and leave them behind and are left without a home, so people who adopt rescue dogs will end up saving the dogs life in a way. Another great thing about rescue dogs is they are usually past the puppy stage and wont chew up all of your stuff or have problems using the bathroom where they ain't supposed to.

Some pounds will end up putting the dogs to sleep if someone doesn't adopt them in a time period so consider this before getting your dog. The pound is a sad place and those poor dogs did nothing to deserve to be locked up with no attention. Adopting a rescue dog is a great thing to do if you are looking to get a new dog.


Getting a new puppy

A lot of people like getting dogs as puppies so they grow up with you and you have a better bond with the dog. I noticed that our dogs that we adopted dont seem to be as attached to us as much as my dog that I got as a puppy is. Getting the dog as a puppy kind of gives you the parent role and the dog will always look at you as a parent figure. If you are going to get a puppy you will most likely have to buy one or know someone who is trying to give some away. Most pure bread dogs will cost as much as $1000 so getting a puppy can take a lot out of your wallet.

Responsibilities of having a puppy

There are many factors to consider before getting a puppy. Puppies need constant attention and will persist in bugging you until they get it. Something I didn't consider when getting my puppy was potty training. I kept my puppy inside because she was too small to be outside at the time and she ended up staining all of the carpet in the room I kept her in. They don't know where to do their business until they are trained so you will have to put a lot of effort into training your new puppy.


There are many things to consider when getting a new dog so make sure you think hard over it so you make the right decision in getting either a puppy or adopting a rescue dog!