Should I use A Water Purifier?

Ah water! Without water we would not exist. Some people say "God created the oceans". Some say "Comets brought water to the earth". I am not about to discuss that topic. I'd like to talk about "Safe" water and purifiers.

Is the water we drink out of the tap really safe? Unless you live on a farm or have a spring, the water you consume flows through miles and miles of pipes under the ground. It sits in storage tanks for days or weeks at a time. Can germs seep into the water? Of course they can. Do the city water companies take steps to make sure we drink safe water? Sure they do, but is it enough?

Back in the 1950s, some cities started putting Fluoride in their water. The purpose was to help fight tooth decay. Today, with the quality of dental care and the improvement of toothpastes, rinses and other products, its not really needed. Depending on which scientist you talk to, it does more harm than good. The Fluoride they use now is actually silica fluoride, a by-product of the aluminum industry. A Harvard study has found this to cause bone cancer in young boys. But another study says fluoride helps fight osteoporosis. Yet another study says the chemical causes kidney stones. So, what do you believe? All of them? None of them?

Depending on where you live you can have hundreds of different chemicals and germs in your water. Chlorine is another toxin they add to water. Chlorine is not a safe chemical. In small doses, the scientist's say, it is harmless. But after drinking, cooking and bathing in it for 50 years, it seems to me that would add up to trouble for a person. Whether you become immune to it after some time, I don't know. Just sounds a little dangerous to me.

Other toxins you can have in your water are, lead, arsenic, field runoffs such as herbicides and pesticides, a plethora of chemical cocktails you ingest everyday. But don't stop drinking water because of what I've written here. There are alternatives.

You can buy bottled water, which I personally refuse to do. If you look at the label on a lot of water bottles they'll say"A product of the(insert city name here) Water Company". Its the same thing you can get out of the tap! Some say they are definitely "Spring" or "Well" water. Well, that's fine. But you still have a chance of getting field runoff into the water table. That's not the reason I don't buy bottled, I just cant pay $2.50 for something I can run out of my tap in 25 seconds. And pay a fraction of the price.

My only alternative then, is a Water Purifier. These have become relatively inexpensive over the years. I say relatively because they do pay for themselves eventually. There are many types of filters you can buy. Counter top types allow you to filter the water without any kind of mechanical hook ups. Tap types screw right on to your tap at the sink. Shower head types do the same. Of course, if you want to spend a little more for some "piece of mind", you can get the whole house system that you or a plumber installs right at your water service, normally.

From my research I found that it is impossible to get %100 of the contaminates out of your water. And remember, when you filtering all the bad stuff, you are also taking out the good stuff too. The minerals your body needs each day.

According to a local company I talked to,"Reverse Osmosis" seems to be the best way to filter water. The molecules of chemicals and toxins are smaller than the molecules of h2o. The filter must be small enough to catch them as they pass through the membrane. If you just want to get the chlorine taste out of your tap, a carbon filter will do the job, much cheaper too. You can rent or buy a "RO" system for your home. Most people don't filter the whole house. Because bathing in tap water hasn't been proven to "hurt" a person, they usually do the kitchen only. The more areas in your home you filter, the more often you need to change the filters, therefore costing more. Miss, I'll have a Coke please!

Every thing you've read here is the authors opinion and what he has read on the Internet. It should not be taken as fact!