What constitutes a book? Is it the physical aspect of being ink, paper, and bound? Does it have to be completely filled with words? Everyone says that children these days should read more books, but many people don't classify manga as a book. Manga may be called "Japanese comics", but they have real value. Manga should be counted as a book because it will encourage children to read, handles difficult subject matter, and introduces children to new cultures

If manga was officially counted as a book, many children would read more. After all, most of the children that don't enjoy reading believe classic novels to be boring and long with difficult vocabulary. By encouraging them to read manga, they can build up their vocabulary while reading something they want to read. It's easier to understand than a classic novel because instead of only using the context in the words to guide them, they also have pictures to help them decipher the meanings of many words.

Many people think that manga are just glorified picture books, but that is simply not the case. Just like "real" books, manga can be light-hearted or serious, or perhaps both. They also can delve into serious discussions about morals and ethics such as whether it is acceptable to kill criminals, or whether you're born your destiny. Children can learn important life lessons though manga by connecting with the characters and situations more easily than with a traditional book.

Reading manga can place you right in the middle of a beautiful cherry grove in springtime or perhaps in the midst of an intricate tea ceremony. Manga's origin is Japanese so many customs of the Japanese people, such as honorifics, manners, and bowing, is portrayed in manga. This allows children to learn how it's like to be in and learn about a place that's very far away without actually being there. Prejudice is born from ignorance and if everyone can be informed, people will be more understanding towards each other.

What constitutes a book? Many of the things people expect in a book can also be found in manga. Think of how manga too can be enjoyable, entertaining, deep, thoughtful, and of cultural significance.