Return to work
Credit: mconnors at morgue files

Mothers and their infants spend close to forty weeks forming an intimate bond before ever meeting. Once the little one emerges, the affection between them is solidified. With all the emotion for her new baby and a desire to provide the best for her child, a mother must decide whether she will care for her child full time or work outside the home. Being at home full time may have its advantages, however, working part time can provide the best of both worlds by allowing a mother to spend time with her child and still maintain work experience, have social interaction outside the home and continue to contribute monetarily to her household.

Although the job market has improved, there is still a lot of competition for employment. By working part time moms can retain a position in their field and continue to build upon their work experience. Staying current in her field will also make the transition back to full time a lot easier; a current employer may even allow a change in hours based on changing circumstances.

Being at home every day with only a child/children to interact with can leave a mother longing for adult interaction. Spending a few days a week with coworkers can be refreshing and provide necessary mental and social stimulation. Not only would a woman benefit herself in this regard, but her family would benefit from her happier disposition, as social interactions can enhance a person’s overall well-being.

Finally, while working part time moms can continue to contribute to their household in a monetary way. For most middle to low income families it would be a strain on the finances to go down to only one income. Although many households make it work, their decision does not come without sacrifices. Some give up a vehicle which confines mother and child/children to the home most of the day, others forego vacations which could be a cultural learning experience and are constantly having to limit their overall spending. Having a supplemental income provided by part-time employment can help maintain flexibility and room within the family budget.   

Each family must decide what is best for them and thankfully, it’s a decision that can usually be adjusted based on the changing needs of the family. If given the choice one way or the other part-time employment is a great way to go.

Credit: mconnors at morgue files