After buying a ukulele, people often forget to get some accessories that are useful. The most important one after having the instrument is a tuner. Thankfully, people can find some online tuners made for ukulele.

Getting an instrument tuned is essential to make the sound pretty. Music has rules that people should follow when playing or composing a song.

Some people can tune their instrument by ear. The method is simple. First, one of the strings has to be tuned to its note. Then the other strings have to give the same note when fretting accordingly.

For example on the ukulele, the standard tuning is GCEA. If the second string is set to a C, the players will put their finger on the fourth fret. When picking that string, it will give an E. They will only have to strum the second and third strings while turning the third knob until getting an E. The same can be done with the G and the A.

To get the G, either use the C-string with the 7th fret or the E-string 3rd fret. The A-string can be set with either three other strings following that method with the 2nd fret for the G-string.

If people cannot set up the notes of their instrument by ear, they should use a tuner. There are plenty of online ukulele tuners but the setup with a microphone, a computer and the instrument is not the most convenient to use. It is not really transportable everywhere and people will lose the advantage of the ukulele: its portability.

It is a good compromise when people cannot tune their instrument by ear but they will have to upgrade to an electronic tuner. It is rather cheap to get and will save a lot of time. It is ready in seconds compared to a computer that needs time to boot. Then the webpage has to be open and the microphone set. Because of the environment around the people, sometimes it is hard to use if there is noise around.

In the end, for serious ukulele players, it is recommended to buy their own tuner so that they can bring it everywhere and they will not have to think about carrying their computer in the park or on the beach.