gastritis diet

Many people have a lot of trouble relieving gastritis symptoms and if you are one of them, this article will run down the pros and cons of adding peppermint oil capsules to your gastritis diet or treatment plan. The trouble with chronic gastritis is that there is no one root cause or even aggravating part of your diet and environment that are usually the cause. Your gastritis diet may need to focus on simply eliminated aggravating foods or uncovering the roots of a food intolerance. For many others, though, the underlying cause may viral, fungal, bacterial and not purely physiological. My recommendation is for you to visit your health care professional and get expert advice and testing to help you determine just what should be part of your gastritis diet. Peppermint oil capsules are a great aid for soothing the stomach and digestive tract, but you really have to address major health concerns and not simply seek to minimize particular symptoms.

Even if you are put on an elimination diet, whether it is temporary for digestive healing, or permanent for gluten intolerance, perhaps, you may still want to consider adding peppermint oil capsules, or even peppermint tea. I found that the symptoms from Chrohns, IBS, or Celiacs disease, and even stress-related gastritis, can all be helped and soothed with peppermint.

peppermint oil capsules

I try to avoid treatments that purely mask symptoms or that change the bodies chemistry in a way that is unhealthy over the long term. I generally avoid antacids and look to more holistic treatments, as well as long term treatments to restore wellness. One purpose of a gastritis diet is to give the body the time to heal. That doesn’t mean you will want to go back on the same diet you feel better, You may find that if you feel better on a new meal plan and your doctor did not forbid it, you can take some enteric coated peppermint oil capsules before and after you have a meal that might cause you a bit of trouble and it might help quite a bit.