Search Engines(80196)Credit: or Search Engine Optimization is a growing practice among internet entrepreneurs and marketers, but more generally for companies looking to expand their online presence and visibility to consumers. SEO, by nature, revolves around ranking keywords in different search engines but more literally in different search algorithms. The most prominent of these is of course the Google search algorithm given Google's domination of the search engine market. Google's users have reached over 1,000,000,000 in number, which far surpasses Yahoo and Bing, so most SEO's (Search Engine Optimizers) tend to emphasize their work around Google more than any other search engine.

If SEO is then synonymous with ranking in Google, one might wonder how much time and effort SEO's put into simply figuring out the algorithm itself, filling in every little piece of it, and testing their results. The answer is 100% of both time and effort, because Google literally is the dictator of the web which controls which websites get the most traffic and get the least.God of the InternetCredit: As an SEO myself, I often find it is difficult to not treat Google as something of a deity, a God of the Internet that not only designates a ranking to all websites but more importantly how I spend my time as a webmaster. Many people outside of this line of work see my idolization of the company as strange, since it is simply a business, but I justify myself as simply putting the most thought into a firm that not only created my line of work, but also perpetuates it. With every change of the Google algorithm, many webmasters find themselves thrown to the bottom of the ranks (or more literally to page 4 or 5 of the search results) and question what they could have done to anger the benevolent search engine. I personally have never experienced such wrath, which I believe is due to the fact that hold the eccentric mindset of Google as akin to a God.

God is fair, uncompromising, and intervenes only as much as is necessary to preserve the objectiveness of the universe. In terms of Google, this means only punishing those who have not upheld the rules they have set forth, usually people who try to game the system and trick the algorithm into holding their site in higher esteem than it should be. So in order to gain the favor of the search engine, an SEO must be willing to play by the rules in the purest sense of what they dictate. Seeing Google as a God means that contemplation about breaking those said guidelines should be promptly squashed down and put away, as it would be too dangerous to turn those thoughts into actions. And isn't this what Google would want, for the webmasters to, not necessary be afraid of its power, but at least be respectful of its rules?  

Google as God