Breaking the cycles that run in families is hard and may take multiple generations. If a father works as a college educated businessman then there is a lot higher probability that his son will also go onto college, get his degree, and then enter the business world.

If a father works in a factory and never went to college then there is a greater likely hood of his son also not completing and earning a college degree and possibly going to work in the local factory.

Some people are trapped and are not able to attend college. Some of the reasons may be:

  • They can not afford to attend college
  • They may be a single mother who can not attend college while also working full time and caring for her child
  • They attended when they were younger but dropped out and can now no longer go to college because their student loans are in default.

There are many people who want or need to attend college to better there financial future but can not afford to go. Should The Government Pay For The First Two Years Of College?

If the Government paid for the first two years of college then it would allow people of any age, whether fresh out of High school or in their mid 40's to attend college for two years. Cost would no longer be an impediment to college. Time, dedication, motivation, and desire would be the only things needed to attend college.

I am not talking about Yale and Harvard here but community colleges such as theCollege Of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls and similar institutions of higher learning.

Why should the Government Pay for 2 Years of College? It may lead to a decrease in crime over time. In some situations if a person gets a college education then they may be less apt to commit crimes such as robbery and murder. It is also socially ethical. Should we deny a college education to someone who, despite all odds, can not afford to attend college even with student loans?

What about the guy in his mid 40s that is working real hard at the factory but despises it? He hates his job and the low pay he receives. These people feel stuck in there current position. The can not quit as they need the health insurance for their family. These guys can now go to college for two years for free. They could get an associates degree or halfway to a bachelors.

I am sure many of the people in this position would opt to go the Vocational Technical education route and learn a trade such as welding. 1-2 years after entering the program these people will have a better paying job with insurance and be a lot more happier with there life.

The Government pays for a lot of social programs such as Food Stamps. Should The Government also pay for the First Two Years of College? What do you think? I personally think it is the right thing to do.