Opening your blog to guest bloggers seems like the next obvious step after building up a blog and filling it with a significant portion of content. You think about the benefits of exposing the blog to new readers and improving your authority. But, is there no “on the other side…” of this strategy? Well, of course there is. It is a risky ride if you decide to open your blog to guest bloggers. You have to constantly take care of your online reputation, be very careful who do you choose as a guest blogger and be confident this is a long term plan.

What Will You Gain? Exposure

You probably know, that readers tend to become more loyal to something if they are regularly exposed to it over a period of time. It is not about mere commercials, it is about brand recognition, and getting people to almost automatically to connect your blog with quality content. It is also about getting your readers to have your brand (or blog name) coded in their memory.

But exposure is not always a good thing and you need to remember about it. It has go along with good, quality content. If you concentrate only on getting many guest posts, you may forget about your own content (and the quality of their posts). Therefore you will attract new readers to your blog at first, but you will quickly lose them and the number of subscriber of your blog will fall overnight.

Can You Trust A Guest Blogger?

How could you determine if a guest blogger is a good writer and not just doing SEO and spinning his articles like a hundred times? Well, you can't verify a blogger’s trustworthiness only on his credentials. It is important to establish a good relationship with potential guest bloggers and it starts from getting to know them.

So a potential guest blogger should help you with that and provide with all the important information about himself and his blogging. You should really pay attention to a few basic points and try to start your relationship with a guest blogger from getting the answers to these questions: Are his posts relevant to the style and direction of your blog? Is he well respected by other established bloggers? Can you verify sites where his articles were published? Does he feel qualified to write about topics you would need for your blog? This is a good start and it will help you decide whether you can trust a guest blogger.

It Is Qualified Traffic You Should Be Concerned About

Back-links are like a currency to guest bloggers. I know you would like to have links to a site high in organic traffic, but you will only benefit from these links if the niche of your blog is relevant to that site. It is all about qualified traffic – all those people who will visit your site because they want to, not by accident. Qualified traffic and good links will mostly help you advance on search engines rankings and therefore gain credibility as a blog.


Qualified traffic can only be achieved by using natural, relevant to the content links, so linking back to an authoritative blog on the same or similar topic could not only potentially but for sure improve your own page rank and blog authority.

Open Your Blog To Guest Bloggers

Opening your blog to guest authors can be a very good strategic move. You need to know though why you are choosing to do this. Do you need targeted traffic on your site? Or just exposure? Or maybe you don’t have enough time to write one post a day and answer every comment? These are all legitimate reasons to open your site to guest bloggers. Still, don’t forget that doing so will not automatically do wonders, you will still need to work to accomplish the goal you set for your blog.