best fat burning workout

Fat has a bad reputation- many people assume that if you want the best fat burning workout you have to avoid eating any kind of fat to get there. But this is only partially true.

You want to be sure to avoid certain fats that are artery clogging or that can lead to unhealthy visceral fat.  But you also want to be absolutely certain to include certain healthy fats in your diet in order to keep your body working properly- and despite what popular opinion may think- to also help you burn fat!

Which Fats help me Burn Fat and which ones should I avoid for a Healthy Eating Plan?

A quick reference guide that will help you discover which fats are healthy and which aren’t is the first step in clearing up some common misconceptions about fat consumption.

To begin with, you may have heard negative things about hydrogenation and trans fats. These are two of the biggest reasons that people should avoid unhealthy fats. Let’s break down which each is and why they should be skipped when wanted to burn fat fast.

1.    Hydrogenation

This is a process by which a fat becomes trans-fat. This method is accomplished by putting the fat through a chemical hardening process, which makes the substance able to withstand higher temperatures of heat and also extend sit shelf life.

There are also levels to this hydrogenation process. If a substance is fully hydrogenated it will be hard at room temperature. If it is partially hydrogenated is will be somewhat solid, but pliable.

No matter if the fat is partially of fully put through the hydrogenation process, this makes the substance a trans fat manipulated by chemicals. This then turns a fat source into a molecular source-, which will signal to your body that it is a toxin not a food source.

2.    Examples of Trans-Fats

Here a couple of examples of mass marketed trans fats that are readily available and should be readily avoided! IA fat substance that is fully hydrogenated: Crisco. A fat substance that is partially hydrogenated: Margarine or salad dressing.

3.    Trans Fats effects on the body

When people often avoid fat it is because they want to keep their cholesterol down. What some people don’t realize is that there is healthy and unhealthy cholesterol.

Trans fast actually raise your levels of unhealthy cholesterol, which are called low-density lipoproteins instead of the high-density lipoproteins, which are good for you. A high level of LDL’s in your bod can lead to clogged arteries, heart attack and even cancer in some cases.

What are Some Examples of Healthy Fats for Healthy Meal Plans?

You may be familiar with extra virgin olive oil and have heard of its healthy proponents. Well, along with olive oil and a slew of other essential fatty acids, your body actually needs and thrives when you eat some Omega-3’s and have them in your diet on a consistent basis. 

1.    Essential Fatty Acids

Fats that have not been processed, chemically manipulated, or hydrogenated are actually necessary for survival. From your brain and nervous systems functionality to the way your body digests food, getting enough healthy fat is essential in keeping your body lean, mean and working to the best of its ability. These fats are found in naturally raised meat the ones without hormones, and are found in green leafy vegetables and oily fish.

Be sure that you include these in your diet on a regular basis and watch the benefits of your fat burning workout explode, while you continue to become thinner, healthier, and better than you’ve ever been.