Fiskars 9632 27-Inch PowerGear Bypass Lopper(92262)

Should you buy a Fiskars 9632 27-Inch PowerGear Bypass Lopper? The 9632 Powergear lopper has many features which make it a superior option when choosing a tool to tackle your home pruning tasks.

Fiskar's 9632 Powergear Bypass Lopper has a patented gearing mechanism which gives it extra leverage enabling it to triple the power of the cut (compared to traditional single-pivot loppers) in the center where there is the most resistance. This feature has helped to win many PowerGear tools, including this one, the Arthritis Foundation Ease-of-use Commendation.

The 9632 Powergear lopper also has rust-resistant, precision-ground, razor-sharp blades with a low-friction coating. These blades cause less resistance than other, thicker, blades, thereby enabling easier cutting. They also stay sharp for longer. The low-friction coating on the blades helps to stop a build up of debris from gumming up the blades as you work.

The 9632 Powergear Bypass Lopper's DuraFrame handles curve ergonomically to comfortably fit both the shape and motion of the hand, so making them even easier to use.

The 9632 Powergear lopper is compact and it's DuraFrame handles are lightweight. This helps to make it easy to carry, hold and move, even when pruning at awkward angles.

The 9632 Powergear has a cutting capacity of 2-inches, so is more than adequate for most home-use pruning purposes. It's lightweight feel, but heavy duty action, means that it is capable of tackling even hard wood pruning jobs with ease.

Customers who have used Fiskars 9632 27-Inch PowerGear Bypass Lopper agree that it is a great tool and that it minimizes the effort needed for wood pruning. The gears have plastic teeth which help to absorb shock, making the comfortability of use even better. There is no need to keep ratcheting these loppers either, which is another labor-saving feature, compared to some other lopping tools.

Overall, when deciding which lopper to buy, you can't go far wrong with Fiskars 9632 27-Inch PowerGear Bypass Lopper, especially if you have physical difficulties which make using a single-pivot lopper a trial.