Most of us get by very well without ever making fresh pasta at home. But, if you ever buy fresh pasta, or are lucky enough to eat fresh pasta out at restaurants you will know just how different it is. Dried pasta is great for rich ragus and thick creamy sauces. But fresh pasta is light and rich on its own (due to the added egg) so makes great more simple pasta dishes. Simply tossed with a little garlicky olive oil or butter, fresh homemade pasta is a supper to remember. So, should you buy a pasta maker machine?

The thing to remember is that fresh pasta is good, but buying it is not that cheap. If you would like to enjoy fresh pasta more regularly but at a cost similar to (or even less than) the price of dried pasta, you really should consider buying a budget machine.

You could get by without one. Creating the perfect  dough is probably best done by hand anyway. The most help you need is perhaps with a dough hook on a food mixer. But, from dough to dinner plate requires some skill. Rolling out pasta dough into ever thinner more delicate sheets is something most of us find truly difficult if given nothing more than a roller and board. But use a basic, cheap pasta machine and this job is done with little skill required from the cook. Don't worry though you still get to take all the credit for a delicious meal!

A $20 gadget is all you need if you would like to enjoy fresh pasta without any fuss. It will be cranked by hand and offer at least five or six thicknesses so you can re roll the pasta thinner each time. If you already enjoy making this regularly by all means go for a more expensive model, but for beginners or those that are happy with just a few different shapes a simple pasta maker is probably best.

With a basic model there is little to break and all the maintenance needed is a quick brush down (no water please!) after use and an oil now and again to keep everything rolling out smoothly. The best pasta maker machine is not the one with the most gimmicks, but the one you will use time and time again because it is simple,, hard wearing and best of all keeps your dinner guests suitably impressed with your Italian cuisine.