While you roam through the pages of Craigslist looking for your perfect vehicle to take home, you will begin to notice a trend with every ad.  Some will say “Leaving to (enter random country name here)” or even “Going Back to College” but then you begin to think, why are these many people looking to get rid of their cars for college or for moving purposes?  These are the ads that you should be wary of while sorting through legitimate ads and the scams.


Considering that Craigslist is a completely free resource for people to post their ads on, it is completely open to the entire world to take advantage of.  With that being said, considering that they don’t have to pay and the internet is so diverse, the cars are obviously going to be in outstanding condition as per the text in the ad, but are they really?  There are a variety of good Craigslist cars for sale that are available to you, the problem is that you just have to find them.


Over the years there have been reports of people selling their vehicles without letting the potential buyer in on a few details such as the fact that the car may have inaccurate readings on the odometer, it may have been stolen, and even that it could have been a salvage car that was rebuilt.  Regardless, there are an abundance of ads and the majority of them are simply trying to stick you with a lemon and to take your money from you.


One of the largest detrimental factors to purchasing a car on Craigslist is that the ads very rarely involve all of the proper information.  For example, you may see an ad that says “I have a Toyota Camry for sale with 50, 000 miles on it, 2 year warranty on the battery, and I’m going to be going to college so I’ll have no use for the car.”  As appealing as this vehicle sounds, unfortunately there are a lot of key factors that are missing from the ad itself such as the VIN (vehicle identification number) and even a phone number to contact the person at.  This can prove to make many buyers very hesitant.


Purchasing a car on Craigslist is practically searching for a needle in a haystack due to the fact that the majority of ads that are posted on the website are there solely to scam individuals.  If you are able to find the car that is the diamond in the rough then you may be in luck but otherwise, there are too many scams that are just waiting to take advantage of eager car owners.