Should You Change Your Religion?

If you are a Christian or a Muslim, the probabilities are that you are born into that religion. The same thing goes for those who professed to be Buddhist or Animist. Religion is linked to our existence like the name we are given at birth. If you don't like your name, you could change it. It will cost you a lot of administrative hassle but it can be done. Well chaning your religion is not that straight forward. Not everyone has to choice in relgious matters. For some people changing their religion is an unthinkable think to do. Things can get out of hand of not kep under control. That is why changing your religion needs to be weighed carefully.

There might be valid reasons to change your name but it is not a decision you take lightly. For example, people cannot easily pronounce you name. Your name has been a source of jokes since your first day at school. You feel changing your name will give you a better chance at getting a job (George Michael had to change his name). You sat down and went through the ins and out of your name. You wanted to make sure that your new name will reflect who you want to be. You want to make sure you get it right because this time around you cannot blame your parents.

When it comes to religion it can be the same. The reason to change will certainly not be the same as changing your name. Depending on your initial religion and your family, changing your religion can be a deadly decision. Back in the middle ages, when Catholicism was forced upon the local population of many countries, NOT changing your religion wasn't an option. It was a matter of life and death. To some extent, the same is true today. Let us see some reasons why you might want to change your religion.

Should You Change Your Religion and Marriage: Some people are so in love and would do anything for that special person. So it not about life and death but more about love and lust.

Should You Change Your Religion and Emigration: Some change religion when they move from their original environment to a new and different one. They come in contact with other ideas and options.

Should You Change Your Religion and Atheism: It has become fashionable to some extent to be an atheist. When people and disappointed in God and organized religion. They opt to be an atheist because that is the only option left.

Should You Change Your Religion and Truth: Some change religion when they feel they have finally found the truth. Their eyes have been open and they have been taken from the darkness into the light.

Should You Change Your Religion and religion A la carte: Some would rather have a more liberal attitude towards religion and would change their religion to any that suits their lifestyle. Those who choose their religion this way, tend to have a more liberal point of view and lifestyle.

Should You Change Your Religion and Sex: Some people sign up to some religious groups because of the promise of free sex. These religious groups are sometimes considered sects. I guess it is a case of whatever works for you.

Should You Change Your Religion and Universal appeal: Some will change from their birth religion to multiple. That is to say they never officially belong to one religion. They just go to anyone that is available. They reason that it doesn't matter as there is only one god. You could call this religion surfing.

Should You Change Your Religion and Trendy religion: Some change religion because it is trendy and famous celebrities are also involved with that religion. It is a way to make a statement. I am in with the crowdChanging your religion is a personal decision that can have far-reaching consequences if you get it wrong. Look up the name David Koresh if you want to know what might happen choosing a wrong religion.

If it makes you happy then, by all mean do change your religion. Religion has always been about what is in it for me. So you should ask yourself before changing your religion, what is in it for you?