Your PC Choices

These days we have several choices when it comes down to laptops, computers and tablets. It can be quite confusing knowing which option to go for. One of the fundamental decisions we often have to make is that between a PC and Mac. There is no doubt that Macs are incredibly sexy. Apple has done a great job of creating a brand that excites just about everyone.

The power that we have on our computers these days is amazing. One of the primary reasons behind this is the Internet.

The Emergence of Superfast Broadband

We now have superfast broadband rolled around to much of the country. Even if we can’t get fibre-optic broadband we can jump onto ADSL, and get a free router sent in the post. It really is easy, cheap and worthwhile being online these days.

If you don’t have Internet these days then you’ve missed out on so much opportunity. It used to be the case that if we wanted software then we would have to download it over many hours, or purchase a disc. Nowadays, we can get software down to our Mac or PC in no time at all.

Software on a Mac and PC

Obviously the software for the two types of computer are in different formats. They are not cross-compatible or interoperable. This means that you might be disappointed, as you can’t necessarily get all of the programs that you want on a Mac if you’re used to them on a PC; PCs have more choice. There are also some applications that are designed purely for Mac devices.

In this article we’ll take a look at some of the questions you should ask yourself in order to make the decision between a PC and Mac. These are really just to guide you and help you understand a bit about the differences and what choice factors will likely lead to the correct result.

Do You Enjoy Gaming?

The gaming experience tends to be better on PC devices. There are more games available, and you have a better level of functionality on PCs than you do on Macs. That isn’t to say you can’t play games on the Mac devices, but you will tend to not receive such a good experience. If you do a lot of gaming then put a tick in the PC Column of your assessment sheet. If you haven’t got an assessment sheet then draw one up now!

Are You Heavily Into Graphics?

If you spend a reasonable amount of time using graphics programs and editing, either professionally or as a serious hobby, then you will probably want to go with a Mac. They are incredibly powerful computers for graphic editing and graphic design. The professionals in this industry tend to go for the Mac.

Do You Have an iPhone Or Android Phone?

Obviously it helps if you want to synchronise devices if they work off the same platform. If you have a PC you might want to get a Windows phone. Alternatively, Android is incredibly powerful when it comes to being compatible across devices. However, iPhone models tend to work best with Mac computers. Apple tends to try and ring fence customers by making their technology and inter-connectivity best between their own devices, and sometimes struggle across other platforms.

How Much Money Do You Have?

It tends to be the case that Macs are more expensive than PC computers. Therefore, if you have an unlimited budget and you have absolutely no concerns about money, you may want to put a tick in the Mac box. If you are looking for a bit more of a budget option then you should be putting a tick in the PC column.

Where Is Your Support Coming From?

The Apple Store is very good for offering support for your devices. Therefore, if you are going to be heavily reliant on the store at which you bought your device, or the manufacturer, then you should perhaps put a tick in the Mac column. If you’re able to do a lot of the nitty-gritty technological stuff yourself or have a friend that can help you, then a PC may be the way forward.

Do You Prioritise Freedom Or Safety?

When it comes to choosing your devices there is always a bit of a play-off between having absolute freedom to do what you want with a system, or have increased safety through a closed system.

Macs tend to be safer. Apple have control of their code and have a much locked system. Security tends to be extremely good. With PCs you have more freedom to download and interact with third-party applications, but you will tend to be a little less safe and secure on your device. There is a definite play-off when it comes to safety and security versus freedom with these two devices.

Both PCs and Macs do an incredible job interacting with the Internet and the technology we have at our fingertips today. Which you go for is mainly down to what you do, but also to your personal preferences.

If you are an Apple lover then it may be that you are fixated on the newest Mac on the market. They really are very trendy and eye-catching devices. However, you will tend to pay more for a Mac.

Superseded Models

It is well worth keeping an eye out for when a new model comes onto the market. In all technology domains when a model is superseded it will tend to drop in price to acknowledge the shift in technology and the advancements of the new model. This could be a great opportunity to pick up a bargain. Check out eBay and other online auction sites if you want to pick up a computer at a discounted price.

We really are well into the Internet era now; it is in full swing. Most of us spend hours every day on the Internet, on our social networks, browsing the Internet and chatting with friends on instant messaging systems. The changing behaviours of consumers mean that computers have to be more powerful than ever before. Thankfully, the devices we use have kept up with the pace of broadband and the Internet evolution.

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