Red Paint Bedroom

Deciding Whether or Not a Red Paint Bedroom is Right for You

If you are in the initial stages of painting your home and you are beginning to think about color options for your various living spaces, you might have already considered a red paint bedroom. There are several different reasons why you might want to go with a red paint bedroom, many of which stem from the mood produced by red paint. While some might consider a red paint bedroom to be unusual and garrish, there are many well informed interior decorators who might disagree. Depending upon the shade of red paint your choose for your bedroom, you could very well end up with a space that is beautiful as well as energizing. Let's consider some of the associations red paint drums up as well as the visual impact of a red paint bedroom.

The Visual Impact of a Red Paint Bedroom

Red is one of nature's chief signal colors. This means red occurs throughout nature in extremely intense applications, often intimately related to mating or warlike behaviors. For example, baboons' red posteriors are the strongest possible visual stimulus for potential mates and, in this particular case, the color red displayed by a fertile female whips nearby baboons into sexual frenzy. Red plays a similarly powerful indicatory role in the plant world, where red usually signifies ripeness and edibility (though some species of flowering plants play on this pattern to entice would-be predators toward fruits that are actually poisonous. Consider, also, the role that the color red plays within human society. We use the color red for stop lights, stop signs, fire and rescue workers' uniforms, emergency vehicles, fire extinguishers, and other emergency equipment to name a few. We also have our own parallels to sexual enticement in the red evening dress. What does all this mean for your red paint bedroom?

Basically, if you go ahead with your plans for a red paint bedroom, you should be comfortable with the fact that you are going to be making a strong statement. If you want your red paint bedroom to be a place of magnificent vibrancy and energy, you may indeed fare well with your somewhat unusual color choice. You should also consider, however, the potential for your red paint bedroom to be a bit of a visual drain in the sense that it will constantly demand a lot from your eyes. If you want your bedroom to be a soothing, calming and quiet place, you might consider alternatives to a red paint bedroom.

Suitable Uses for a Red Paint Bedroom

The most obvious uses for a red paint bedroom, given the somewhat extreme nature of its mood, would include a place of great passion, or creativity. If either you or your partner have an artistic side, your red paint bedroom would make an ideal place for working on your creations or brainstorming new ideas for future works, given the infusing effect of its color scheme. Your red paint bedroom could also double as a home-office, inspiring you with determination and ferocity in your business endeavors.