With all of the doom and gloom surrounding RIM and the BlackBerry device, many businesses entering the mobile space don’t seem to offer a BlackBerry version of their Mobile Apps. Although this might seem like a smart financial decision on the surface due to the smaller market share the BlackBerry controls, some businesses could be missing the boat on improving the profitability of their Mobile Application.

Smaller Market Share Doesn’t Mean No Market Share

Yes it is true that the BlackBerry has lost a significant amount of market share in the Mobile Device space in the past few years. In fact, it has slid down to around 12% according to this Forbes.com article: www.forbes.com/sites/adamthierer/2012/04/01/bye-bye-blackberry-how-long-will-apple-last/. However, there are still users looking for quality applications and a chance to access a portion of that 12% share of the market could give your sales a noticeable boost.

It’s All About Your Target Demographic

Although many large companies are planning to move away from using BlackBerry devices, many others are still using the device and are significantly invested in RIMs’ technologies such as their BES Server Solution and of course, their handheld smartphones. Also, if your Mobile App has features that would be of interest to Medium and Large Enterprises, you could increase the chances of making one, large sale to a company should they choose to adopt your software.

Small App Market Means Less Competition

As mentioned earlier in this article, many new Mobile Apps don’t have a BlackBerry equivalent. At least not initially or ever. This gives you an edge since you have an open space with less competition for you to capitalize on. Or, even better, you can bring Mobile App ideas which have enjoyed much success to the BlackBerry where a similar idea may not exist.

Although it’s hard to ignore the constant negative press coming out of the Waterloo, Ontario-based Research In Motion, I don’t think you should count them out. Although smaller in reach as compared to other devices, they still have a large, dedicated and loyal base of followers which would be happy to use your Mobile App.