Stunning Young Model Wearing Trendy Strapless Brazier BraCredit: stockimages |  It is a question wherewith some women will want to have answers.  A lot of women own several pairs of bra that are taking up too much space in their wardrobe cabinet.  One of the options to unclog their closets is to donate clothes to charity.  But what about intimate apparels such as the bra, can these be donated to charity? Some women find the idea of donating bras for a good cause repulsive.  However, there are cases where celebrities donate their bras which are then sold to auctions and proceeds were donated to a charity or cause of their choice.  Why would some women do so?

          First, there are millions of women around the world with a need for it.  Consider those people in third world countries wherewith women became victims of natural disasters such as typhoon and earthquakes.  Other than food, they also need clothes, bras and panties.  Indeed, donating bras is really worth doing, when you think of women sheltered in those shelters that were ravaged by natural disasters.  They need something to warm their bodies.

          Second, there are women who are very unfortunate that they could not buy one for themselves.  This situation is very prevalent in poor and Third World countries.  Do not think that you are revealing yourself when you do not something that are very intimate.  Think of the impact that you give and the pleasure it provides to women who cannot afford to buy even just one pair of bra.  Besides, the recipient will never care who owns it. For this unfortunate women, having herself covered is more important than knowing the source of donation. 

          Third, it doesn’t have to be in cash when you want to do good deeds.  It is quite a pity and a sin to leave old things such as old pairs of bra that are still usable in your closet.  The act of donating it to victims of calamities and to underprivileged women cannot be determined by currency. The problem with cash donations is that sometimes it is not spent on what is intended for.  How often do we hear stories of people running away with church donations and the like?

          Fourth, just imagine the smiles that it gives when women receive bra donations.  You might never know that a single piece of bra help them survive extreme temperatures.  You might be surprised to know that one bra hasprotected women and girls from predators. And just think of the comfort that it gave, as women and girls are not totally exposed.

          By all means, gather all your bras which you are no longer using and can still be worn.  It will reduce problems on how to dispose these, open more spaces for your closets and cabinets, and most importantly, you help some women in times of their needs.  Indeed, you could and you should donate your Triumph bras which you no longer use.