The traditional wedding gift list isn’t used as often any more. Couples have lived together before getting married and usually have everything they need. It can lead to guests offering weird and wonderful wedding gifts that the couple simply doesn’t need, want or really like.

As a couple, though, you don’t want to offend. You thank the guests and say that it will work wonderfully in a specific area or with something else. Guests go happily on their way and then it comes to the question of what you’ll really do. Could you really reuse your wedding gifts for something else?

Reusing a wedding gift is a great way to avoid causing offence and making it worthwhile to you. Here are some tips to help you reuse them.

Stripped wedding gift
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What do you do when you just don't like the wedding present. Can you really reuse your wedding gifts?

When There Is a Gift Receipt

Some wedding guests will help you reuse your wedding gifts. They include the gift receipt with the present so you can take it back to the store. This is often because people don’t know if you have the same gift and don’t want you to end up with duplicates. It shows there is no hard feelings and they understand if you want to get the money and use it on something else.

It may be worth talking to the guest when you are going to do this. Explain why you’re returning it, especially if it is due to a duplication! Thank them and ask them to come and help you pick something else out. This means that they still have the chance to be involved in the gift that they give you.

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Sell Your Gifts on eBay

If you don’t like your wedding gifts, there is the option of selling on eBay. You could quickly get money for your items and use it on something that you would really like to keep. The problem with this idea is your wedding guests could see their gift online and feel offended. Not all will confront you about it—after all, it could be someone else, right?—but some will and put you in the difficult position of being honest.

If you’re going to sell on eBay or something similar, you need to think about who gave you the gift. Are they a person who regularly uses the websites for buying and selling their own items? Is there a chance that someone who knows both of you will see it? Use your common sense and if there is any risk, don’t bother and move on.

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Reuse Your Wedding Gifts for Others

Another option is to reuse your wedding gifts for other weddings. This is a great way to pass on something unwanted without hurting anyone’s feelings, especially if you know the person receiving it will like it. It also helps you save money being a wedding guest for someone else.

If you are going to do this, make sure the person who gave you the gift isn’t a friend of the same person. While the gift is likely to be opened after the event, it is often placed on show and the guest at your wedding may see it. Giving it to someone out of that circle is simply much safer than to cause offence.

You’re not just limited to weddings, either. The gifts could make perfect birthday, anniversary or Christmas gifts. Think about events that are coming up and make a list of all the gifts that you need to purchase. Consider whether the guest that bought you the gift knows each person and mark the ones that you can give it to. Then you just have to find the perfect one for the type of present you are giving.

Use Them Within a Collage, Design or Work

Depending on your hobbies or your work, you may be able to use the present within another area of your life. Some types are perfect as part of an arts and crafts project while others will work for photography needs. You could even find that they work well within an office or for business use. To reuse your wedding gifts in this way shows that you are thinking practically and probably getting more use out of it then you would in the house!

Guests are usually happy to find out their gifts are being used in this way. They know that you can enjoy it and it will make your life easier. It could also get the gift more exposure, especially if you use it in various photo opportunities. There will be fewer questions if it’s now around the house when they visit!

Should you reuse your wedding gifts? I recommend it but you do need to use your brain. There’s no point letting something sit in a cupboard for a long period of time. At the same time, you don’t want to throw a gift out. Reuse the present in a way that suits you. Above are just a few ideas to get you started; just make sure if you don’t want the guest to know there’s no way for him/her to find out!