Is college in your future?

Many people question what they should do after high school. Should they go for vocational training, college, or find a job? If college is something you are considering there are a host of reasons why community college is a great choice over a traditional university and this article will give you some advice as to why you should consider it.


One of the main things that any prospective college student will be considering when choosing a place to get a higher education is the price. How much will they spend per semester and per year in books, credits, and room & board? Typical universities and colleges are rapidly increasing the costs of their credits and tuition to attend, so college is becoming more of a debt sink for people looking to better educate themselves. The benefit to community college is that fact that it is extremely affordable. Because of this fact alone many people should consider looking into their local community colleges and seeing what programs they have to offer. Programs are getting more and more competitive so universities are less important to attend for that quality program you want to get into.

Quality of education

Community colleges in the past have gotten a bad reputation for being the cheaper, lower quality form of college so if you want a real education you have to dive into debt and find a real university. This line of thinking is no longer true, as community colleges around the world have been getting increasingly more competitive in both range of programs and quality of education. Classrooms aren't rowdy and filled with high school teens that are just there for the sake of going to college, but instead the times are changing so many people are being frugal with their money and attending more affordable education venues. Community colleges Classroomhave picked up on their faults and have hired better teachers, created better curriculums, and provided new and upcoming technologies and strategies to complete with traditional colleges and universities.

Now the tables have turned, because college attendance and enrollment is steering much more towards community colleges for that high quality, affordable education instead of most colleges that were successful because of their prestige and name. If you are looking to get a high quality education and a degree in a field of study you want to pursue as a career, now is the best time to make the jump from the traditional college mindset and instead gear your thoughts towards a great community college education.


Community colleges suffered from lack of diversity in their programs in past years. This held true both in courses offered and in number of teachers. Teachers would teach multiple courses and it would feel like the same thing again, while the programs you had to choose from were limited to a select few subjects. Now community colleges have employed many teachers that specialize in certain areas and fields so students get more exposure to different experiences from professionals, and the programs that community colleges offer are much more vast and diverse. Now you can really find something that interests you and take that educational path instead of being pigeonholed into only a small range of choices for a degree.


Community colleges are taking the next step forward by creating easily transferrable Associates and BachelCollegeor degrees to future education. No longer are their degrees only good at their location, but now they can be moved and transferred to another place of higher education because the courses offered are much less specific to that curriculum and instead more broad to embrace the overall educational background needed to complete a degree. This is attractive for many people and another huge reason they should consider attending is because if they did decide to further their education at another university they can easily transfer the credits and courses over to complete a Bachelors or Master’s degree with no complications in them having to accept niche courses that don't fit their curriculum.

Take the plunge

With all of the huge benefits that community colleges have to offer since they have taken on bettering themselves, isn't it obvious why the trend is steering this way towards cheaper education? It's affordable, high quality, easily transferable, and offers diverse selections in degree and course selection. Look into your local higher education bulletins and magazines and see what they have to offer; you will be glad you did. Having a massive pile of debt to your name with a small piece of paper called a degree isn't as fulfilling as having that degree with no debt or hardly any. You can be confident in the fact that you still received adequate education and feel equipped to get into your field without a mountain of debt following you if attending an expensive university.