Once you come to the decision to hire a nanny to take care of your kids, you now have to think about whether she will live in your home, or be an employee that comes to the house each day. There are certain things you have to think about before making this choice, and the first one is, of course, whether she is willing or able to live on the premises. If she has a home of her own, a spouse, or even children who are grown but still living there, chances are she will not want to do it. The best person for a situation like this would be someone who has no other obligations, is free to do this, and actually wants to live with you.


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You know that you are going to have to have a room that she can reside in, and preferably a bathroom that will be hers alone. Can your home accommodate this? If not, you may have to consider remodeling your living area if you are determined to do this. Many people actually have living quarters above their garage that would suffice nicely for a live-in nanny. Before making such a monumental decision, talk to your spouse to see if it is even feasible for you to make these changes, and if you are both in agreement, then by all means, go ahead with your plans.


Having a live-in nanny provides a great deal of flexibility for your family. If you work irregular hours, you are assured that someone capable and responsible is there with your children at all times. If you are employed mainly during the day, your nanny is there to make sure your household is running smoothly, your kids are secure and happy, and is able to be there should you have unexpected occurrences, have to work late, or just want to have an evening out. No more scrambling around trying to locate a sitter at the last minute. Your nanny will provide you with piece of mind that you wouldn’t otherwise have.


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One of the things you will want to talk about to the nanny you are considering is whether she is willing to take on the domestic duties of the house, along with being the main caretaker of the children. If she is going to be living in, this is a perfectly reasonable request, and most nannies, live-in or not, do handle the housekeeping duties during the day. They often do the shopping, light housecleaning, laundry, and even run errands for their employer. Getting the meals during the day for the children is a given, but she may even see that dinner is prepared, or at least started, for when you arrive home. Talk to her about this when you are conducting your interview.


A nanny who comes to your home each morning is also a great asset. She is usually available for the whole day if she is planning on working full-time, and depending on your needs and those of your children will more than likely take on the same duties as someone who lives in. The only difference is that she may not be able to stay longer if you need her, will not be available in the evening, and you will have to resort to a babysitter if you want to have a night out. Other than this, she will be just as qualified, take excellent care of your children, and can satisfy all your requirements.


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The choice of a live-in or a daily nanny is something that you have to decide on before you start the interviewing process. The salary you will be paying will be different, but again, providing her living quarters and meals will also figure in to what you will pay. Daily nannies can be paid by the hour, or you may negotiate a weekly salary if you choose, and she is receptive to the idea. No matter whether you have a live-in, or someone coming to your home each day, deciding to hire a nanny may be one of the best decisions you make when it comes to the care and welfare of your kids.