Do you want an apartment community in the middle of a major city, or do you want something thats more in the suburbs? If its up to you to make the decision, then you will want to go over all of your options before you decide upon your final apartment location.  The apartment you finally choose will most likely impact your life in a large way.

 What Do You Want

 Many renters make the mistake of touring apartment homes when their not sure what they really want.  Did you know that the location of your apartment home will affect the monthly rent, your commute time, and of course your personal life? And a city or suburban apartment home will influence all the above factors.

 The most efficient way to decide between a city or suburban apartment home is to ascertain what you want and what you would like in your own apartment before you start touring apartment homes. So get a pen and piece of paper and write down exactly what your looking for in your next apartment.

 Here are some items you will want to go over:

 * What is the rent amount you can afford on a monthly basis?

  • Do you go shopping on a regular basis and how important is it to you?
  • Will you be driving your own personal car to work each day or will you be using public transportation?
  • Do you want your apartment home to have upgrades including granite counters and high ceilings?

 The majority of renters are mostly concerned with the rental amount.  And this will usually factor in to their final decision. But its time you establish the advantages and disadvantages of renting suburban and city apartment homes.

 *Living in a city apartment is almost always more expensive than living in the suburbs. Space is usually limited in urban areas and justifies a higher rental expense.

 *Living in a city will usually bring more security concerns too. The more people in one area, the more crime there will be.