When talking to other people and explaining that I make my money working at home, a lot of questions are coming up and after getting over their initial thoughts of it being impossible to make a living online, I can tell their curiosity is spiked.

Especially in this time and age when a lot of people are struggling to make ends meet, working online is becoming more and more popular each day and more people seem to make the plunge, getting their feet wet at their first attempts of making money online.

I realise that I am totally biast seeing that I have been at it for a while now and I have seen it works first hand. And the longer I work online, the easier is it to see the virtually unlimited potential working online has.

But working at home online is not for the faint hearted, which is probably why a lot of people give up after trying for only a few months. It takes a long time to start seeing some real income and the initial excitement over a few dollars a day will become devastation over time, if no real progress is being made and things seem to be stuck.

At that point people will realise that one can make some money online, but that it probably will never be enough to really live on. What happens next is a common scenario. Because they know it is possible, they will feel they are missing something, that one golden tip, that particular strategy, the magic answer and number one solution or trick. It is when they start spending most of their time reading blogs, forums and doing other none-productive things online, buying into the stories of others and spending more and more money on programs that supposedly are the answer to all their questions.

They become information-addicts and start falling into the big old trap, otherwise known as SOS- the Shiny Object Syndrome. I am sure you are all familiar with this from seeing it in others or yourself and to be honest, I know about this syndrome first hand. Anything seems to be better than what they are doing right now and getting all sorts of new manuals and tools is high on the To-Do Priority list.

Somehow, somewhere down the line, instead of actually being at work, the time online is being spent with all sorts of useless actions and their online earnings remain the same. It feels though like they are continuously at work but if asked after a week, what it is they have really done, the answer is hard to give. And it is hard to give because in fact, nothing was done except a lot of surfing online and "research".

It is not the way to go if you want to make a living online and if you are at that point, you should really be honest with yourself and either just stop or drastically change your ways. I have thought many times that I should just disconnect my internet connection for the first half of the day in order to do all the writing I need to do and not turn it back on until I would have written around 10k of words.

I have even thought of renting a room somewhere without Internet connection so that I would not be able to turn the connection back on. Because the basics of making money online and working at home doing internet marketing or any other type of online business is creating content. Writing. Building links to your content so that it will be found by a lot of people.

Information addiction and SOS is a deadly combination when you want to make money online. It is a combination you must stop and change if you are only making a few dollars a day. The problem though is a bit similar to eating disorders. Everybody needs food in order to survive, but the food in itself, when indulged too much will cause a weight problem.

If you work at home in your Internet business, you need internet. You can not do without it, but if you indulge and spend hours in forums, reading blogs, commenting and networking with friends, you will not make money because you are not doing actually adding content nor links. Be patient though and persevere, eventually you will break through, but only if you are productive continuously.

I know, there are probably quite a few readers who will comment below, saying that forums and blogs can be great places to build links, but personally I think they are time-leaches. They cost a lot of time and energy, time and energy that could be way better spent on more constructive things. And of course it is nice to share your experiences with your fellow internet marketers or peer writers, but in all honesty, can you really vouch for all the time you spend online, not working on your business?

Do you really feel you are as productive as you should or could be? Of course, if you are making hundreds of dollars a day already, I better not say anything, but then again, I am sure you would not be reading this article. But if you are only making a few dollars a day, I truely believe you should turn off your Internet connection for a few hours a day and use those hours to churn out content for whatever purpose and only turn your connection back on when you need to publish those freshly written articles.

For me there was a huge turning point when I started setting daily writing goals after seeing one of my internet websites started ranking. It was if something clicked and all fell in it´s place. Finally I could see the direct relation between work done and the results it had. By ranking higher more visitors came in and guess what, more visitors does mean more money. More content does mean more money. More links does mean more money.

As soon as you start making more than a few dollars a day, you will be able to start seeing what works and what not. That is a great opportunity to then focus on the things that work for you in order to improve, but until you reach that point, you should keep churning out content on a daily basis and keep building links.

If you don´t get this crucial point and understand the importance of content and link building, if you spend your days online surfing for information and trying to find the golden method, you might as well stop trying. If not, it would be a good idea to start setting daily writing goals and think about turning off your Internet connection.