Are you trying to decide what to do about that old wrought iron fencing that you feel is no longer fitted to your landscape scheme? You should not rush to tear it down or replace it. A few repairs and some paint could renovate it--a much better choice that removing it and starting over with all new replacement wrought iron fencing. Wrought iron fence repair is a brief task, simple for anyone with some expertise. You may be willing to exert yourself to acquire the expertise if you consider how much money you can save. You will be able to apply your landscaping budget to improving other areas of your property, and take advantage of your nice, freshly redone fencing.

When you start planning your fence repair strategies, you first need to decide what the finished product needs to look like in order to fit in with any new landscaping theme. Is your current fence a simple design of bars and posts, or is it filled with scrolls and swirls of decorative wrought iron? Wrought iron fence repair can be easy or challenging, depending on the amount of repair needed and the complexity of the fence's pattern and designs. You need to consider these variables when deciding how to go about doing repairs.

One repair method involves sanding and then welding. Many homeowners feel intimidated by this process. The tools needed are a drill complete with bits, a hacksaw that can handle iron, a sander and welding equipment. Having the proper equipment to ensure safety during the welding process is extremely important. The city or county you live in may require a building permit for this type of work or may require one if your fencing has a minimum height, length or proximity to a street. This is a job for a person who really knows their craft. Poor welding jobs can be disastrous, creating serious dangers and expenses. Life threatening injuries can result if a wrought iron fence is not welded properly.

The ideal solution, if the fence simply looks faded or rusty, is a paint job. Simply repainting the iron fence with paint that will cover any rust and restore the appearance will solve the problem, unless the fence has more serious repair issues. You want the paint job to endure and not end up with wrought iron fencing that is more unsightly. Any rusting must be treated first with the appropriate type of primer or the paint will just flake off. If iron is exposed to air it will rust. When metal rusts the iron is being oxidized leaving iron oxide instead of iron, weakening the metal. The chipped paint and areas of rust undo all of your attempts at improving your fence's appearance.

Regardless of your ultimate landscaping goal, if you can repair your fence or use paint to renovate it you will save money over replacing it with a new iron fence. Wrought iron fencing tends to be sturdy and durable. Odds are that just a few carefully done repairs and a fresh coat of proper paint will accomplish all your hopes for having an attractive, classy and richly landscaped home.