These are the golden questions, when should you sell your gold coins and bars? How do I know when the price is at the top? How can I be sure the price won't double the second I sell?

All these questions are certainly valid worries. Investing in metals can certainly be an extremely daunting experience to say the least.

However, bear in mind that gold coins have historically generally risen in value year after year. This is especially true with obsolete United States gold coins. As all numismatic coin collectors are continuously seeking out gold US coins in all grades.

There are also modern US gold coins that are highly sort after, and these always follow the spot price of gold (which can be found rather simply with an internet search). If you need to liquidate modern gold coins, eBay offers a rather simple process to do this. Through eBay the world will see your auction and gold coins usually bring their market value plus at any given time.

Gold bars can be sold to coin dealers, or jewelry stores. They can also be sold online with many auction houses and metal dealers competing for the product.

Recouping Your Investment Costs

When any investment is made there are certain costs that are attached to the investment. This can be a brokers fee or other things you may overlook. E.g. Gas to go to the local coin store, insurance costs if you have large gold holdings.

Any cost that you incur doing business associated with the investment must besubtracted from what your going to get when you sell. If all of this added to what you paid for the gold isn't met, or better yet exceeded, then maybe it's time to hold and wait for the spot price to rise.

Gold has traditionally maintained a positive subjective buy rating from the investing gurus. There is said to be a 'safety' in this metal. Taking a profit should be the only reason for selling. However we do sometimes have to sell for reasons that prohibit waiting.

Any time you decide that it's time to liquidate gold, all the aforementioned avenuesshould be investigated. The best price is out there but it won't come and find you. Advertise what your selling where to the people who want it.

As I have said before eBay is highly recommended. It's a global market and they'll do the advertising for you. Then the people who want it will find what your selling rather easily.

Should you sell your gold coins and bars? Is ultimately a question that will come down to the math. If you bought lower than the spot price now, then you might just be ready to take your profit. Again however, remember to add in all your expenses (not just the original cost).