As girls get older and begin to remove the hair off of their legs more frequently, they are faced with the question of which method to use. Now there are obviously pros and cons for each, there is always the simple question of personal preference; however, if it is a girl's first time removing the hair off of her legs, or a woman has only been exposed to one method, they would find this article useful as they are not aware of these pros and cons, and have not enough experience to make a choice based on personal preference.

There are quite a few ways to remove the hair off of your legs, but shaving and waxing seem to be the most popular. This is because of a mix of mainstream popularity, ease of use, and availability of material. Some women choose to use things such as depilatories to remove the hair; however, despite their ease of use, the chemicals that they contain can ruin the skin if used improperly. Both waxing and shaving have gained their popularity for reasons that include them being overall great ways to remove the hair; in addition to that they are absolutely safe in every way. But with all of this talk about both of them being so great...which one is better? Easier? Faster?

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There are a ton of answers to questions that will determine the answers to these questions, all of which will be provided in this article. Whether you have been waxing for years and want to change your method, or simply curious about what the other side of the fence holds, this article will enlighten you and inform you of some of the reasons why people choose, and don't choose each method.

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Shaving your legs produces a mere tingling feeling rather than a painful one; this feels awkward more than anything else. Once you have shaved your legs a few times, you can go about doing it faster, and with less care while remaining virtually painless. A portion of the pain factor of shaving your legs depends on the condition of your razor blade and how many razors it has on it; however, if you use a fairly new razor with only 2 or 3 blades you will be able to shave your legs Gillette Venus Embrace Razor For Shaving LegsCredit: Amazon.comwithout any pain at all.

Waxing on the other hand can be one of the most painful experiences that a person can go through. This is especially true the first few times that a woman waxes her legs because the nerves, hairs, and skin have not yet adjusted to the pain. Waxing your legs involves making a material stick to your legs, and then ripping it off when it is still trying to stay stuck to your legs; no wonder it is so painful.

Shaving takes the point in the pain battle as it is the much less painful option.


Waxing your legs is usuallyGillettte For Women Venus Divine RazorCredit: done on a once a month basis, which is usually the amount of time that it takes for the hair on your legs to grow to about 1/4 inch. Some women let the hair on their legs grow longer for 2 or 3 months in the winter time since they are not exposed; however, in order to keep them looking "clean" it must be done at least once every month. Your leg hair takes so long to grow back after waxing because the wax pulls the root of the hair completely out from underneath the skin.

Shaving your legs on the other hand must be done fairly frequently. Women that would like to maintain a "clean" look through shaving their legs must do it once every 3 days. This high frequency is a result of the razor blade simply cutting the leg hair that is exposed on the top of the skin. This means that the moment that the hair begins to grow again, it will immediately be exposed because it will already be above the surface of the skin.

Waxing wins the point in the frequency battle as you must do it much less frequently.

Time Consumption

When incorporating everything from heating up the wax to cleaning off the excess wax, waxing your legs can take a fairly long time. When done properly, it can take up to 45 minutes to wax your legs, even by a professional. This is mainly because each strip of wax that you use takes quite a bit of time and work; you must lay it on, wait until it cools down, and then rip it off of their leg!

Shaving on the other hand takes much less time. When incorporating everything from lathering up your legs to rinsing them with water, shaving can take a mere 8 minutes. This is mainly because each individual shaving swipe takes very little time. You must simply ensure that the area has shaving cream on it, and glide the razor along the area. Once your legs have been accustomed to shaving, you will be able to do it using only the water from the shower, which shortens the time that is required to a minimal 5 minutes at most.

Shaving wins this point of time consumption by requiring only 1/5 of the time that waxing requires.

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Potential For Flaws

The only possible flaw that you can make when waxing your legs is missing a few hairs within the spot that you have waxed; moreover, this can easily be corrected by simply re-waxing that area. And a very uncommon occurrence is to put wax on your legs that is too hot, in which it will make that area red for a slight while; even so this is only temporary, and usually lasts only a few minutes.

Shaving on the other hand has the potential to leave you with many marks that can last up to 4 days! Whether you are experienced in shaving your legs or not, all that it takes is a razor with one hair caught in the blades to cut you. This can be especially risky if you need to be taking pictures with your legs exposed for any which reason such as a wedding photo shoot. With more experience, the chances of getting cut while shaving your legs decreases; however, the potential for flaw is the reality that you must face when you decide to shave your legs.

Waxing wins this point in the potential for flaws as it leaves you with a guarantee that there will be no marks from the hair removal; or at least no marks that will last more than a few minutes.

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Tallying up the results, the final score is 2-2; it is a draw for the waxing vs. shaving your legs competition. You will be able to remove the hair off of your legs in an efficient manner either way; the choice should be based on what suits your wants and needs the best. Either option, waxing or shaving your legs, has its benefits and downfalls; the choice should be made upon which one you would prefer doing! With enough practice and experience you will become a professional at whichever method that you choose to use!