Sponor a child
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Should you sponsor a child? The answer is “Yes”, as there are millions of children who are in need of financial support today. If you parented children, you know about the joys and pains of nurturing them so that they can become mature, responsible and spiritually aware adults. You see commercials or read magazine ads from charities that look for caring persons to sponsor the children that these charities help.

The most popular way people sponsor children is by donating funds but others may do it by sending packages of food, books and toiletries to the children. You should consider sponsoring a child because it enables you to reach out to others using the resources you have.  There are many opportunities to ensure that a child in need of help gets what they deserve and your donation, no matter what type will facilitate that assistance.

Sponsoring Children Here in America

 The majority of charities and religious organizations focus on sponsoring children in other countries but it is also possible to sponsor children here in the U.S.  as well.  The first thing you should do is contact different charities that offer an opportunity for you to sponsor a child domestically.  Once you do this you want to research each charity and find out the services they give the children. This lets you see where your money and supplies will go. After you do this you can sign up for the sponsorship.

Sponsoring a Child Teaches You About Circumstances in Other Countries

 It is one thing to read news stories about the poverty of developing countries but it is another thing to get a one-on-one look at the situation. When you sponsor a child, you are able to understand in a real way what children in other countries have to face. For example, if you decide to sponsor a Christian child in China, the charity may tell you that he and his family experienced religious persecution from the Chinese government. It gives you an idea of the lack of religious freedom that exists in China.

Interaction With Those In Need

 Sponsoring a child also allows you to interact with the child and not just send money to him or her. When you write letters to the sponsored child, you can ask respectful questions about his culture, his birthday, his favorite things to do and what his future goals are if the child is in his teens. Also give the child information about your life so that the child will learn more about you.

Your Sponsorship Comforts Children in Tough Circumstances

 There are children here and around the world who experience strenuous situations and they feel that no one is listening to them or cares about their plight. As a child sponsor you provide encouragement to the child through letters and photos. This helps the child build his confidence and keeps him hopeful even if his situation looks hopeless.

Charities Are Better Equipped for The Work

 When you sponsor a child, you are helping charities provide the best services to the children and this includes healthcare supplies, clothing, books, food supplies, shelter for families and a better education for the children. In our current economic climate, it is sometimes difficult for charities to get financial support but with your funds, the charity can survive for many years.

Your Loved Ones Can Get Involved

 If your loved ones know about your child sponsorship, you can find ways to get them involved. One idea is to have them donate money to your savings account that you set up for funds to give to the charity. Another idea is to hold a neighborhood fundraiser for funds that you can give to the charity for child sponsorship.


 Sponsoring a child has rewards that go beyond the temporal benefits although these are important. The main benefit of child sponsorship is that you get to touch a child’s life emotionally and spiritually. When you write letters, stating that you know that the child will be a well-rounded individual one day and that you believe in him, the child gains confidence.

Approach the organizations in charge of helping children and get on board.  Remember,   it is not expensive to be part of the program, as it is an investment of $25 to $30 per month. When you consider your standard of living, you would agree that the donation can be afforded. That little money that would normally be spent on eating out or perhaps a new shirt could potentially be saving a life.


Child sponsorship is an inexpensive way to help people around the world if you are not able to travel to help them. This is because the membership costs are generally affordable and you can pay on an annual or monthly basis. Finally, child sponsorship allows you to focus less on your own problems.