Saving money on both domestic energy bills and business power bills is becoming increasingly important as many of us are finding the purse strings are being pulled too tight in an effort to stretch our budget. 

This is not confined to those who are on a low income; the problem is nationwide regardless of income.

Energy prices are becoming increasingly exorbitant and one way to cut your bills may be to switch your energy supplier to someone who can offer you a better deal.

Golden Hello Deals

Be warned, some companies may offer low lead in deals that are just for the first couple of months, but then after this special deal period is over you may find that you are paying the same rate or even more than you were before. You are then tied to a contract with the new company for at least 12 months.

By opting for a company that has a slightly lower tariff, you may not be saving a lot for each bill produced but over the course of your contract period those savings can be huge.

The best way is to work out what your previous year’s energy bills would cost you with your short-listed companies

It makes sense to change supplier every year to take advantage of golden hello deals on offer for the first year of a contract.

Why Scottish & Southern (S&S)?

S & S offer energy tariffs for both domestic and business use. With over 8 million customers they are one of the largest suppliers in the UK.

Switching to Scottish and Southern might get you a great deal and big savings on your bill but you definitely get benefits such as Argos loyalty points and Air miles. On top of all that, they are one of the most ecologically friendly energy providers in the UK.

Switching Sites

If you are still unsure as to who can offer you the best deal you can log into one of the online price comparison sites online to see which one has the best tariff suitable to your needs. You will find S&S tariffs listed on all switching sites.

Many of the top UK companies offer great discounts for clients who want to bring both their gas and electric supply to them. Once you make the decision you are ready to switch providers.

UK Call Centres

Another great point and a definite benefit for making the change to Scottish and Southern is the fact all of their call centres are in the UK. This means that when you have a problem, you know that you will get someone who understands you immediately. UK call centres are a big selling point for many consumers. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to explain your problem or query to someone who you are not convinced actually knows what you are talking about.

Green Credentials

You should also consider Scottish and Southern if your heart belongs to green issues. Energy companies drain the planets natural resources when they produce the gas and electricity to sell to us each day.

Some companies including Scottish and Southern are now making changes to the way they work in order to make a smaller impact on the environment. Scottish and Southern has a large research and development department working solely on the greener issue.

S&S have the largest wind farms in the UK, both online and offshore. Harnessing wind and hydro-power goes a long way to ease the burden in the planets natural resources by using the power given by Mother Nature.