In the past few years the popularity of fish oil has increased dramatically. Research findings have concluded that fish oil supplements can be almost as effective as physician prescribed drugs. Specifically in the area of cholesterol lowering drugs. Patients have been searching for a natural supplement that would assist them in lowering their cholesterol without having to take the prescription drugs and suffer some of the side effects that these drugs produce.

Experts are not sure why fish oil reduces the effects of heart failure. These experts suggest that fatty acids elevate the good cholesterol or HDL levels and this helps to strengthen organ membranes. These membranes are composed mainly of fatty acids.


Why Do You Need Fish Oil?

Fats, for the most part, are an important part of everyone's diet, regardless of what type of diet you are on. Bodybuilders and all athletes especially need them due to the high demands placed on their bodies.

A few years ago low fat diets were the rage. They were the way you needed to go to lose body fat. These days research has proven that cutting out fats, especially the unsaturated fats, can do more harm than good. Especially if you are an athlete or bodybuilder. Fats deal directly with your body's anabolic hormones like testosterone. Lower testosterone can hamper gains.

Also one needs fats for the digestion and absorption of essential vitamins like vitamin E and vitamin A. These vitamins are fat soluble and need those fats to be used by your body. Inhibiting the absorption of fat soluble vitamins and minerals can lead to all kinds of problems. Your body won't get the necessary fuel that it needs to maintain optimal performance. It affects not only the supplements you take, but the foods you eat. Think about all the nutrients in the food that you would be missing if you dietary fat intake is too low.

One thing to keep in mind before you go crazy eating all kinds of fat laden foods, even if they are healthy. Fat is very dense in calories. Fat contains 9 calories per gram compared to 4 calories per gram of carbohydrate or protein. So a little fat can go a long way as far as calories are concerned. Just because it is a good fat doesn't mean you can eat as much of it as you want. Too much fat taken in, regardless of the type, means extra fat on your body. Keep the intake in moderation and your body will thank you.


How Much Fish Oil is Too Much?

That is impossible to say really. This is both in regards to fish oil supplementation and overall fat intake. There are several factors that go into how much fat should be taken in a person's diet. It depends on your diet. If you are on a low carb diet obviously you are taking in more fat. Activity levels will also play a role. Certain health problems can require a higher amount of fish oil. People with cholesterol issues, that don't eat a lot of seafood, will require more fish oil to get some benefits. If you are interested in fat loss some experts recommended a much higher dose of fish oil.


Which kind of fish oil should I take?

There are a few things to keep in mind here. Make sure it's a good quality product. Most good fish oils come highly purified, free from mercury. Look for that on the labeling. Some fish oils come in higher potencies so keep that in mind as well. If you feel that you will be taking higher amounts of fish oil opt for a high potency supplement or even a liquid fish oil. The liquid fish oil will generally be a much higher potency than the capsule.

Another tip when taking fish oil supplements is to keep the products in the refrigerator or freezer. That way you will minimize the fishy aftertaste that some people get when they take them. Also, make sure you take them with food, otherwise your body will oxidize it and basically use the fish oil as calories and you won't get the health benefits.


There are countless benefits of taking fish oil. There should be no reason for anyone not to be taking this product. It's benefits are backed by solid research and is considered the safest of supplements to take. Those who have health problems, particularly, cholesterol or heart problems should strongly consider adding fish oil to their supplement regimen.