When you’re going through a breakup, you can either let go and move on or try to get your ex back. While there are many factors that will go into that decision, it’s obvious the most important thing is whether or not you still love each other.

Couples break up for different reasons. Was your breakup because of a misunderstanding or something trivial? Was there cheating, dishonesty, jealousy or lack of trust? Did he treat you well, was he abusive or controlling? All of these things can be important in making your decision

While your friends and family can be helpful, you have to remember they’re not always impartial. They may or may not like your ex. If they don’t like him, they’re going to want you to move on and meet someone new. They may even have someone in mind. If they did like him, they’ll push you towards getting back together.

Now you need to look at how you feel about your ex, your past relationship and how they fit into your life. There’s a difference between wanting to be with someone, and wanting to be in a specific relationship. Do you want your ex back so you won’t be alone, or do you really feel that your love him. This process of exploring your feelings can be the hardest part of making this decision.

After you’re given these things consideration, you need to make your decision. If you want to move on with your life you need to let go of your emotional attachment to your ex and start building a new life. If you decide you want to get your ex back you need to formulate a plan that will help win him back without making you look desperate. 

Whatever you decide, you need to make this decision yourself. While other people will give you input, always remember this is your life. The decisions to move on and let go or to win your ex back is yours alone, choose what’s best for you. Good luck!