Many things have occurred because of the large spikes in gas costs during the last few years. Among the most interesting results has been the creation of a brand new market, which is the portion of products that promise to improve fuel consumption of autos, vans, trucks and sport utility cars as well. The suppliers of these products are relying on fed up and frustrated customers to support their items in an attempt to get away from gas costs. But, will be these products worth your cash or not?

First of all, you need to think about the things that the suppliers of these products are promising. They claim considerable boosts to gas efficiency, however have they proven these statements? Based on the EPA, they haven't yet. The EPA is in charge of testing and validating the gas mileage of most vehicles, among other duties. When you visit a car store, you will notice a sticker that a vehicle gets x miles per gallon, that's the data obtained by evaluation performed by the EPA.

The EPA also has evaluated several products that are meant to increase fuel consumption, however haven't found any product achieve this drastically. That's one reason why you should be careful when spending your money on these kinds of products. They might claim to do amazing things, however, if there aren't any proven and established results to support the claims, they aren't to be taken without a touch of suspicion.

It's also crucial to remember that you don't have to purchase costly and expensive products to boost your car’s gas mileage. Actually, you can find  countless methods to improve fuel consumption without having to spend a penny! For example, you could make sure that you remove unnecessary things from your car, so that you aren't driving extra weight around. You could also use the cruise control more often, or avoid using the ac unit, as it results in more gas usage than normal.

Another useful idea is to simply tweak your driving style. If you could control your speed on the road, you will see some enhancements to your gas mileage. You can even find more simple and easy tips, like not leaving your car running when you leave it to go inside a store or gas station, or making sure that your tires are properly inflated, since not doing so will cost you more gas consumption. Once more, there's virtually no shortage of free and easy methods to improve your vehicle’s gas mileage!

For this reason you really don't need to depend on costly products to boost your gas mileage. In fact, there are so many ways to do so, so why will you spend your money on a product that theoretically does the same thing?