Personally, I use one facial cream for my entire face most of time, despite battling dark circles for 15+ years. Many people who are very concerned about dark circles use a vitamin K cream or perhaps vitamin K and hyaluronic acid cream. While I am not going to tell you that those are a bad bet, I have found that a different one worked from me, while saving me money.


Face Cream Pricing: Don't Get Ripped-Off

First let me say that I eschew especially exorbitantly priced facial creams, if you will pardon the alliteration. No this is not an English essay. I look for the ingredients that work for me and then see if I can step outside of the three figure skin cream or$80 eye cream market. I look for a good formulation that has the ingredients that I want. Usually if the brand name costs $200, you can find the same thing for $25. I will not cheap out and buy a $4 facial cream just to save a few buck, though.

Facial Lotion Ingredients: Big Winners

The biggest tip for dark circles is to look at your entire body and lifestyle. While dark circles can have a number of causes, and an eye cream will not give you thicker skin or different genes, it might help a bit. I never found an eye cream that was a huge help. I have found terrific facial creams, like the dmae cream that I use now that is formulated with alpha lipoic acid and vitamin c ester (NOT ester c, that is just a confusing brand--- you want the fat soluble vitamin c cream).

Diminishing Dark Circles

One trick I do use for dark circles under my eyes is after I have moisturized in the morning, I will place just a bit more facial cream than would quickly be absorbed under my eyes. This tactic also works right before bed. You don’t want to overdo it, though. You also have to make sure that the facial cream that you are using is an effective anti-inflammatory. You can rub all the plain lotion under your eyes and it won’t do much for the dark circles.

While the dmae cream was the perfect facial cream for me, replacing the old lotion I once used, I also use it as an eye cream. A bit more under the eyes can help reduce puffiness or inflammation. I use it for the same reason as an anti-acne cream. Nothing worked as well. As previously mentioned, I skip the expensive stuff made by Oprah and Perricone. Google it and you’ll be surprised, just make sure that you are getting the ingredients that you want (not what the company says is their magic ingredient, either).

Finally, while my complexion was been good since I started using a better skin cream (and I don’t have wrinkles or fine lines yet) the eye cream did not help much, but fixing my diet did. For me that meant getting a Celiac diagnosis and cutting out gluten and dairy that were punishing my body. Sleeping better, with less inflammation and better detoxification all went hand in hand for me when it came to the best facial cream.