The easiest way to answer this question would be to simply say “yes, you should wear casual dress shoes with jeans”; however, that would not be a full answer that explains the entire situation. Can you wear any pair of dress shoes with any pair of jeans? Nope! There are certain qualities of casual dress shoes that must be present in order to wear them with specific types of jeans.

The “rules” that you must follow may seem overwhelming at first glance; however, it will be a lot easier to understand which types of casual dress shoes to wear with what types of jeans once you have finished reading through this article. This piece of writing is designed to provide you with a few specific examples of pairs of dress shoes that can be casually worn with a nice pair of jeans; an example of men’s, women’s, and children’s shoes are provided. This means that you will be able to find a great pair of shoes for you, regardless of whether you are a 70 year old man, 35 year old woman, or a 13 year old teenager.

Hugo Boss Sangor Slip On

Nothing screams “casual” on a dress shoe more than a slip on outer shell. In addition, the purpose of wearing a pair of black casual dress shoes such as these is to allow you to portray a comfortable look to others; moreover, one of the best ways to look comfortable is to actually feel comfortable in the dress shoes that you are wearing. With that being said, most pairs of Hugo Boss shoes that you find for sale will have a hefty price tag attached to them; however, BOSS is known to make absolutely comfortable pairs of shoes.

The fact of the matter is that these dress shoes are designed with a loafer style in mind that allows them to look casual. In addition, their long-looking shape allows them to go well with a pair of light colored jeans!

BOSS HUGO BOSS Men's Chesterfield Slip-On,Black,13 M US
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Wearing Casual Dress Shoes With Jeans Will Provide You With A Relaxed And Comfortable Look That People Enjoy Seeing

Have you ever seen a true business person on a Wednesday mid-day in a stressed-out state of mind, and compared how they look to a Friday afternoon when they are in an absolutely relaxed state of mind? The fact of the matter is that the human eye enjoys seeing people that look both relaxed and comfortable! Choosing to wear a pair of casual dress shoes with jeans will provide you with that relaxed and comfortable look; choosing the right pair of dress shoes and jeans will literally take your level of visual appeal, and allow it to absolutely soar through the roof!

Guess By Marciano Bee 2 Dress Sandal

Just like slip on dress shoes scream out “casual”, choosing a pair of dressy sandals will also yell out the same statement. In addition, they will also provide you with the comfortable and relaxed look that was being spoken about in the last paragraph.

Have you ever been to an outdoor formal event on a hot summer day, and literally sweat your butt off within as little as the first few hours of being there? The great thing about any of the Guess By Marciano sandals for sale is that they will allow your feet to breathe, and will relieve you of the heat on a hot summer day. One would automatically assume that a pair of casual dress shoes that carry these qualities would not look formal enough to wear at an event such as a communion, baptism, or luncheon; however, these Guess By Marciano dress sandals look formal enough to be worn at these events, yet casual enough to make you feel and look relaxed.

GUESS by Marciano Women's Brie Ankle-Strap Sandal,Gold,8.5 M US
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You Should Wear Casual Dress Shoes With Dark Jeans, As They Will Allow You To Look Semi-Formal

A primary rule of fashion is that dark colored jeans will look more formal than light colored jeans; although this is not true all of the time, it stands as being true the vast majority of the time. Although your goal, when wearing casual dress shoes with jeans, is to look casual, the overall goal is to look casual in a formal manner!

This may seem sort of confusing, but imagine it in this way. You should be able to wear the casual dress shoes with jeans at either a formal communion or a casual barbeque. If you can effectively wear the combination of clothes and accessories to either of these occasions, you can definitely say that you have made a phenomenal choice!

Primigi Kids Brad Nappa Leather Loafer

There is nothing cuter than a young child being dressed in a formal or semi-formal manner. Are you picturing a 8 year old in a suit with a pair of these dress shoes on? You might automatically look at the price tag, and think that it is a bit hefty for an amount that you will be spending on the shoes for your child; however, you must take the durability of the shoes into account.

You can dress your child up in a nice pair of children’s casual dress shoes with jeans; however, your child will probably still act as if they are wearing a pair of Roots track pants; they will most likely be running around, and playing with the other children. Simply taking a look at the sole and outer shell Primigi Nappa Loafers will allow you to realize that they are more durable than the vast majority of children’s casual dress shoes for sale on the market

Pair Up The Casual Dress Shoes And Jeans With A Blazer Or Formal Jacket To Keep Yourself Looking Classy

One of the worst things that I have seen people doing at formal and semi-formal events is wearing a jacket along with a pair of dress shoes; wearing your fur-hooded jacket may look great at a nightclub, but it definitely won’t look good when you are going to a baptism or communion. You should make sure that you are pairing up the pair of casual dress shoes with jeans and an appropriate blazer for the event! A sports blazer will allow you to give off the overall formal appeal, while still looking casual and loose!