I had plenty of hesitation putting a gig of Fiverr. As a writer I want the maximum dollar for my time. In my life the bills are dictating what jobs I take on and while the pay is very low on Fiverr, it can bring you some steady income over time. Here is my experience on this micro job site and how it can work for you as a writer.

Work for Fiverr

Befoire you decide to write for Fiverr you need to note that the jobs are tediious and most of themare about as fun as watching paint dry. You'll be doing plenty of boring SEO, looking at blogs you care nothign about, and writing about subjects that bring tears to your eyes. Despite that fact you can actually get a literal flood of jobs into your mail box if you're a good writer. The thing with Fiverr is thta mnay of the writers on the site are just terrible and they don't produce what people want. Once you have enough decent feedback on the site, you can open up a literal floodgate of work that will keep you busy for a long time.

Choosing Gigs

A job on Fiverr is called a gig. You're free to sell what you want, within reason of course. Make your gig a writing task you can do without too much effort. You only get $4.00 per gig. I sat down and thought long and hard about it but I put up some gigs on the site just because I really need the cash. I can't wait for Adsense to age or other income from Hubpages. I simply need cash and Fiverr is in one word, flooding my inbox with it within no time. As a  seller I pick jobs that I can do in no time flat. For example, someone wanted a 100 blog post done after reading one page. That was an easy one and since the buyer liked the post  they sent me more. That $4.00 gig  has turned into much more doing one simple task. Other simple jobs have been to summarize some site or write about some SEO keywords which is stuff a good writer can do in their sleep. Pick your jobs when you get orders and things are much easier. You don't want to slave for it, you want to do things quickly.


The payment system isn't that great. You need to wait a couple of weeks until you can withdraw and they only accept PayPal. The work however is steady if you can be quick about it. For some it might not be worth $4.00 to do the job. You can set the amount of days you want to work on assignments and you can puase the system if you feel overloaded. Those $4.00 assignments can turn into $30-50 per day if you work at it. While this isn't an amazing income it's good for small task  and can easily pay for bills or rent at the end of the month which is what matters in the long run. If you need cash then the system can work for you.


 Most buyers ask for reasonable work but some just wan't way too much.  You can tell right away if the job is something you want to do. if you need to spend more than 2o-30mins on at task don't do it, the income just isn't worth it. Some buyers will of course try to get as much as possible for the gig, just reject them and move on. Your time is money so make the most of it.


For regular writers, Fiverr probaly isn't worth your time. IF you need income and can't manage to get it by writing elsewhere, Fiverr can make you some great income quickly. Just write fast and don't think too much. I find many jobs are really simple ones that you can do quickly.In just over three days I have $124.00 sititng in my account. Don't do this if you suffer from burnout easily.  It's not for everyone but you can make some money there. Make the right gigs and do small wriitng tasks that don't take much effort. if you get bored easily I don't recommed it either. These gigs will keel you over if you hate certain topics.