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Have you ever seen small children around your neighborhood playing in the middle of the street while cars are driving by? Makes you wonder what type of parent feels comfortable leaving their children outdoors without any type of  adult supervision.

I know I have seen my share...small children weaving in and out of traffic playing ball or riding a bicycle while motorists find themselves wishing they had supernatural powers to break in time to avoid injuring an innocent child.

Every day, in this great country of ours, many children die as a result of  being hit by a car while playing in the middle of the street. First thing that crosses my mind is; don't the parents of these children read the news? Aren't they aware of all the dangers surrounding children that are left unattended playing in the streets? Children have a right to play in a safe and secure environment. Nothing better than letting your children play in your own back yard while you watch over them. If you do not have a yard, take them to the neighborhood park and watch over them. Streets are not playgrounds. Streets are only meant for the transit of motor vehicles.

You might say "what I do with my children is only my business and nobody else should interfere." If this is the way you think, I will say when you let your children play in the middle of the street, it becomes everybody's business because not only are you jeopardizing the life of your beautiful children, but the life of the motorist that due to your neglect might end up running over your child and then have to face criminal charges for doing nothing else than drive his or her car on a street that should ONLY be used for the purpose of motor vehicle transit.  Even if the motorist is found innocent of any charges, his or her life will change forever as it will definitely leave a serious psychological trauma as a result of the unfortunate accident.

Most children's accidents are preventable if parents only spend more time watching over their children. Our children are our most precious treasures and as parents we responsible for their well-being. It is our obligation to do our best and protect them from every possible danger. There is nothing more important than caring for our children. Remember, all it takes is a split second for a tragedy to occur and if the tragedy is fatal there is no turning back... The "I should have" or "I'm sorry" will not bring back the life of your sweet child.

However, today, this minute...this instant you can choose to do your very best to prevent any possible tragedy by simply making sure your children are happy, healthy and safe in your own back yard (or a public park) while you watch over them with all  the love and devotion of a wonderful parent.