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There are many women and ladies out there who are asking themselves "should the guy text first?” The fact is that such questions will mainly depend on the context in which the two have meet. For instance, if you're a girl and you saw this great guy and you approached him and talked about this and that, you have actually made the first step into a possible relationship and in this case, you will be actually right to assume that he needs to text first after you've met.

However, there is a social and statute problem here. You know, there are many things expected from guys and in many societies where you'll have the chance of going to, you will find that in one way or another, men are considered the stronger ones, the ones to always take matters in their own hands and solve them. Even though this aspect will be more and less obvious in certain societies, it's an unwritten rule that the man should be taking the first steps.

And now enters the question…How Do I Get Him to Text Me?

However, because men are aware of this and every bit of effort towards satisfaction, pleasure or happiness will have to be mainly considered by them, they can grow tired of always being the one to text the girl. And no one can blame them, because when someone says you always have to do this and that because you're a man (so what?), it can really get very frustrating and tiring at some point.

So the question of should the guy text first or should I send him some cute text messages may not have an immediate answer from those who firmly believe men have the stronger role in the world and they should not expect them to do everything they don't like doing. For instance, some girls just don't want to be the ones texting the guys first, because they imagine the guys will think they're very desperate in having a relationship with them. It's actually a very faulty belief, because in the end, we're all humans and we all have the same desires.

When you meet someone you like, you want to know more about that persona and achieve that as soon as possible. There's nothing wrong with that…But What About Romantic Text Messages? However, when you do firmly believe that men are the ones to always do things you're incapable of because of certain reasons, you might have personal insecurities or you just don't want to look in the mirror and see yourself as an equal to him.

Women have always fought for egalitarianism and now that you have it, you should think more about your role as an equal member of society. If you truly believe in egalitarianism, you shouldn't even bother with questions like should he text first.

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To sum things up, many women expect men to be the ones to take the first step, but this is no longer applicable as much as it was in the past. So the question of "should the guy text first" depends largely on who approached who in the first place, how the person did it and what effort she put into ensuring the approach won't fail. Taking these tips into consideration you will realize that texting first or being text is all a matter of common sense.