Proposed Ban on Indian Premiere League

Indian Premiere League

The Indian Premiere League is a popular cricket series held every year in India under the control of Board of Cricket Control in India. The Board of Cricket Control, India, created the twenty overs series  with a commercial motive besides popularising the shorter version of the game of cricket in India and abroad.

The Teams:

The Indian Premiere League holds the cricket series among the cricket teams such as Delhi Dare Devils, Chennai Super Kings, Kolkatta Knight Riders, Rajasthan Royals,Kings XI of Punjab, Pune Warriors, Deccan Chargers,Royal Challengers of Bangalore and Mumbai Indians run by the franchise holders of Indian Premiere League .

Problems in the ongoing series:

The ongoing Indian Premiere League  series 5 met some unprecedented problems.Board Of Cricket Control for Cricket in India banned some players of the franchise holders for their involvement in match fixing scandals.The Mumbai  Cricket Association has banned the franchise holder of the Calcutta Knight Riders for five years from entering the Mumbai cricket stadium for his alleged involvement in the assault episode against the security guards of the stadium.Of course, the ban is not last since the Board Of Cricket Control for Cricket in India is the last deciding authority on the issue.A player from the Royal Challengers of Bangalore racked up another controversy that led to his arrest on the charge of molesting an US girl in a five-star hotel.Thus the twenty overs  series has met with  series of problems that have evoked natural outcries from many quarters of the country.

Demand for Ban:

Significantly, Bharatiya Janata Party, the main opposition party in India, considering all the above mentioned controversies in the ongoing Indian Premiere League  series 5, has clamoured for the immediate ban of the cricket series.

Achievements of the Indian Premiere League:

 It is true that the unprecedented problems met by Indian Premiere League  halfway down the series marred its reputation.But will they prove a ban on Indian Premiere League  series? Such a demand for a ban against the Indian Premiere League  is quite unnatural,rather unwarranted and of course uncalled for too. No one can deny that the purpose of creating Indian Premiere League  is to popularise the game of cricket. From its creation a few years ago, Indian Premiere League has been a huge success in India and abroad.Going a step further, Indian Premiere League  was also instrumental in creating the Champions League where the champion teams from Australia, South Africa and India take part.Recently, the Board Of Cricket Control for Cricket in India has also decided to invite the champion team from Pakistan to take part in the Champions League being held in October this year.Besides, no one can deny  Indian Premiere League  has been influential over other countries. India's neighbor Sri Lanka inspired by Indian Premiere League has already created her own cricket league and launched a twenty overs cricket  series.In the forthcoming series being held shortly in Sri Lanka, players from Pakistan and India are going to play.Above all no one can deny the economic boom created by the cricket League  even when the advanced western countries were smarting under economic recession.

Demand for Ban unjustified:

It is an irony that in the wake of such huge success of Indian Premiere League  T 20 cricket series,Bharatiya Janata Party has come forward with such a hasty demand for ban.Just because, there are some incidents of robbery or some criminals illegally printed counterfeit coins or notes, can we demand the banning or closure of the Reserve Bank of India?When a few people created problems for the Indian Premiere League,the concerned authorities have taken prompt action too against those culprits.

Besides the cricket matches of Indian Premiere League  series 5 are most successful and well organised and no one can point out any serious drawback in the way of its progress.In fact the  cricket series is a standing testimony for the steady and progressive economy of India.Any misconceived idea or proposal to ban it is certainly a retrograde step.