Technology has developed so quickly that it has become a major part of human lifestyles. In today’s world, a baby is learning how to open a smartphone before actually learning how to speak! Is this how it should happen? Should we teach babies how to use Facebook before teaching them how to eat, speak, walk and play?

Across the globe, the internet is already bulging with websites, blogs and apps and these are taking most of our time. Presently, there are millions of social media fans who spend more hours on Facebook, twitter, skype and WhatsApp than they spend at work or with their family and friends. At first glance, this advance in technology proves beneficial to us because it has made it easier to keep and retrieve information using the internet rather than traditional methods. It has also made telecommunication a lot easier and more enjoyable. The need for paper based messages that used to take us too long before reaching their destinations is gradually thinning away thanks to faster ways of sending them electronically. Well, if we don’t take other things into account, this is truly beneficial. But imagine a situation when all people are on their smartphones chatting, texting, calling, skyping or just watching music and shows. How sad does it make you feel when you can’t be heard because those you are talking to are busy on their phones? And how weird does it look when you visit people and feel completely unwelcome because those whom you have visited are busy watching TV shows or playing video games?

Technology has changed the ways in which people interact with each other.In the past when it was still inaccessible to many people, they used to have time together.They talked, they smiled at each other, they shook hands, they shared lunch and dinner. Everything that people did together was more enjoyable owing to the fact that there was more concentration in their interaction with each other. Was it because people at that time had no other choice? or was it because they had no one other than those around them to chat with? look at millions of people who sit in their bedrooms chatting with other people who are located far away, whom they sometimes haven't met in person yet? is it because they can't instead interact with those people around the house or in the same house who, most importantly, need their love and care? absolutely no. It is rather simply because they want to have fun using their new ipad, smartphone or tablet even if they text, chat or call strangers. 

It really makes sense that technology is beneficial in many ways, and we should keep embracing new advances. However, this does not mean that we should allow it to become our major way of interacting and spending time. We should not, for example, spend the most part of our time on the social media instead of spending it with our family and friends. because this will decrease our love.We all know that love does fade away quickly when there is no in-person interaction. To feel that we are loved, we must first of all feel cared about when we are with our families and friends. When this is the case, we become increasingly willing to spend more and more time with them and hence our love towards one another grows.