2012 has become quite a popular topic.  People are caught up in doomsday prophecies and natural disasters more than ever before.  Some believe the world will end this December due to a massive earthquake, giant meteors hitting earth, a pole shift, disease, or other catastrophic event.  This year has already shown so far massive animal die offs, extreme weather, solar flares, earthquakes, and volcanic activities which some claim are just the beginning of the earth's pains as mentioned in the Bible.  Others rely heavily on the Mayan prophecies, or don't see any point in preparing for something that we won't survive. 

As a Christian, I do not believe the world is going to end.  There is a possibility of a major event that could change life as we know it, but this could happen at any time.  Some Christians don't worry about anything happening because they believe they will be raptured before major events take place.  While I do believe in the rapture, I feel that Americans have a false sense of security and have been conditioned to believe that we are safe from harm.  Just because some things haven't happened here doesn't mean it can't or won't.  Innocent people are murdered all over the world for their beliefs every single day.  Large scale catastrophes have devastated other countries.  Greece is in financial ruin.  These are all things that could potentially happen here.  Remember Hurricane Katrina and the poor response the people of New Orléans received?  All it takes is one natural disaster, an economic collapse, a deadly virus...you get the point. 

If you decide to take this step the best approach is to stock up on non perishable food and plenty of water.  There are numerous sources for disaster information and preparedness.  According to recent statistics, you would need 1 gallon per person for each day in a survival situation.  Another option is canning.  An internet how to search will provide plenty of information on canning and storing food.  You can even can meat!  Rice, flour, and dried foods are also good examples.  You may also want to consider going in with a neighbor or relative to reduce costs or simply for the company.  Some people go to extremes and devise ways to solar power their homes and go completely off the grid.

The most important thing is to be spiritually prepared.  This life IS temporary after all.  But in the meantime doesn't it make sense to also physically prepare for your future?  Even just stocking up on food and water can mean life or death in certain situations.  Don't wait until it's too late because at that moment in time you may not have that option.  So should we be preparing for 2012?  I'm not sure.  Lord knows we have been truly blessed in the past to live freely in the United States.  But that could change in an instance, and only God knows what the future holds.  In my opinion we should be prepared for any thing.