Are you thinking about buying a new lawn mower but not sure what to get? How about a type of mower that you might not have ever even seen called a reel lawnmower? Reel lawnmowers were one of the first lawnmowers ever produced and date back to the 1800's. Maybe not as popular as they once were they definitely still have their place in our modern times. The simplicity of a reel lawnmower is what makes it so great. The way it works is by the operator pushing the mower and when the wheels of the mower turn they spin the blades which cut the grass, it's that simple. You still might have some questions though before you jump on board which this article will attempt to answer.

Pros of a reel lawnmower

There are many advantages to using and old fashioned reel lawnmower. The first advantage is that it is inexpensive. Once you've paid for the mower there are no more expenses unless something breaks but even then you're likely to fix it for less than a few gallons of gas and have a much cheaper up front cost. Another way it can save money is on your gym membership, just imagine the exercise involved in pushing one of this things around for an hour or so. Other advantages of a reel lawnmower are that they are quiet, and use no fuel which makes them environmentally friendly. They require very little maintenance and are safer than conventional mowers that stir up dust and throw debris and when you stop pushing the blades stop moving. Space is another advantage because they take up very little room. They are also better for your grass, reel lawnmowers cut more like scissors while modern mowers tear the grass.

Cons of a reel lawnmower

Now for the disadvantages, first you obviously do not what to have large lawn so the smaller the better and if your lawn is really rough it will be difficult to push the mower. All the sticks and large debris will need to be picked up. Reel lawnmowers will take longer to mow than a modern push mower and the grass will need to be mowed more often. Once the grass is taller than 4" it becomes very difficult to cut, if weeds get too tall they can cause problems as well and may need to be cut or removed by hand.


In the end a reel lawnmower can be great if you have a small yard, like to mow a little more often, and keep your yard in tip top shape. In these times where most people are looking to save and live life at a slower pace a reel lawnmower might just be what the doctor ordered.