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If your out and about shopping for a good vacuum and you're wondering if the Oreck XL is the right vacuum for you then maybe this review will help with your decision.

I was given the Oreck for a wedding present and it also came with the Oreck Car Vacuum and an Oreck hand vacuum with several attachments. The vacuum itself is a great cleaning tool and one of the best parts is that it is one of the most lightweight vacuums on the market today. You'll never have a problem carrying the Oreck up and down stairs as it weighs in at right around 8 lbs which is far less than most vacuums. It is incredibly easy to use as there is no adjustments necessary for different carpet types so you won't be bending over when going from one room to the next. This vacuum automatically adjusts itself for optimal performance as you switch from one carpet type to the next. The Oreck XL is also outfitted with a very flexible cord that won't get crimped or cracked with years of use.

I have been using my Oreck XL for over 7 years and it wasn't until just recently that it needed any maintenance. My husband had gotten a little rambunctious when removing the vacuum bag and yanked the frame that the vacuum bag slides into away from the tube, thus ruining the airtight seal you need for proper suction. We also needed to have the roller replaced as it was no longer turning properly. Both of these repairs, plus labor only set us back $56 and now our Oreck vacuum is working like new again!

I would say that the one drawback of this vacuum is that there isn't an attachment hose so you won't be reaching into any tight spaces or vacuuming off those couch cushions. If you buy your Oreck in the right place, it just might come with the Oreck XL hand vac which DOES include all of those handy-dandy attachments for cleaning in those hard-t0-reach places and it's very portable for carrying all over the house.

We also received the Oreck car vacuum which plugged into the lighter port on our car! The Oreck car vac was great for those little clean ups and also for the bigger messes once we had kids! The car vac won't deep clean your upholstery but it will pick up all that dirt you tracked in from your last hiking trip and will also clean up those smashed cheerios in your back seat!

I love my Oreck XL, my Oreck car vacuum and my Oreck hand vacuum. It's been 7 years and very little maintenance where most vacuums last 2-3 years or less. I definitely recommend this one!

In Closing

If you're in the market for a new vacuum, you won't go wrong choosing an Oreck!