Take care clearing snow We all know to take care when clearing snow. No-one wants to hurt their back but what about getting sued?

Has the UK gone completely mad?

When I was a child, around fifty years ago all resdients cleared snow from the boundaries of their home. People had pride in their home, no matter how humble that home was. Think of the saying "Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home"

It would have been unthinkable years ago to simply leave snow to become more dangerous. Slight thaws and more heavy snow would have inevitably turned paths into skating rinks, in no time at all. This is just what is happening these days.

It would seem now that such actions are ill advised.

The UK has seen more snow in the last three weeks or so, than it has seen for some years, and much of it is still on the ground.

UK residents have encountered many problems, as they have tried to go about their daily business. Councils have only gritted main roads and, with increased shortages of grit and salt, this is set to reduce further.

One thing that has been easily noticeable is that most residents have left the snow and ice to fester, on the paths of their homes.

It was interesting to hear that quite a few European countries actually legislate against their citizens leaving such snow on the ground. Residents who do not comply and clear their snow away run the risk of being fined.

I know we British are eccentric but current thinking leaves even me speechless.

Residents of the UK have been advised against clearing any snow from the pavement outside of their homes, or the paths within their boundaries. It would seem that, if a postman, for example, falls and breaks his leg on snow on your paths it is OK. However, if you have cleared the snow and he falls and breaks his leg, he can sue you for a huge amount of money.

What nonsense.

Personally I would have thought you were more at risk of being sued if you left the snow to become troublesome.

I had been wondering why so few people had bothered to clear the snow. This weekend though some have taken the bull by the horns and begun to clear the snow from their paths. Governement advice has been that, they hope people use their common sense.

Of course, some people have no common sense.

The advice seems to be that if you clear the snow do so properly. Obvious but perhaps not to everyone.

Never simply throw water, especially hot water on snow and ice.

Once you have cleared the path, cover it liberally with salt, grit or sharp sand to prevent further freezing.


I would hope that if any cases appear in court, due to snow being cleared, that they are hastily thrown out. In most cases such legal action will be inappropriate and simply encourage nore of this nonsense.