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The simple answers are, yes and no.

Guys who are addicted can be addicted to anything. Games, food, drugs, smoking... of course some of these addictions are considered 'worse' than the others, such as drugs. You may think that having an addiction to something like gaming and eating is acceptable, but when does it break the limit? Where is the line you should put your foot down?

Girlfriends who have addict boyfriends suffer from being neglected and sometimes abused. Read on below to find out the risks of each addiction:

Gaming Addicts:

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Perhaps the most elusive form of the addict. Your boyfriend may seem content or happy to spend more than 5 hours a day on the computer or xbox. Come dinner time, if you harass him to eat at the table, he may snap and explode. Common extreme cases include throwing items at the girlfriend, such as controllers or remotes. If you make them lose a game, expect tantrums and shouting.

Food Addicts:

This type of addict is also deceptive. But did you know that a persons mood counts on what they eat? If your boyfriend is eating alot of junk food containing oil, chemicals, salt and sugar, chances are he is more likely to be snappy and grumpy with you. Trying to get them to eat alternative foods may be a pain in the back, and addicts are most likely to ignore your attempts and continue their dietry habits.

Smoking Addicts:

We all know the risks of smoking, but perhaps the most important risk is changes in mood and behaviour. Smoking can make people edgy and agitated, causing them to be rude and snappy to their girlfriends. Girlfriends are also at risk of second hand smoking, which is argued to be even more lethal than smoking itself.

Drug Addicts:

Drug's have such a heavy negative aura around the word, but with good reason. Like all of the above, drugs too will cause wild changes in behaviour and an unstable mood. Furthermore theyarguing are more likely to run out of money or put you in risk of danger, such as having violent drug friends.

Reasons to stay with him:

As his lover or girlfriend, you of course have a duty to be by his side through the bad times. Who knows, maybe you could be the one to help overcome an unhealthy addiction.

Reasons to leave him:

If the habit is too hard to remove, and is causing more damage in your relationship than you can handle, its time to move on. Everyone deserves a shot at happiness, so don't feel obligated to 'fix' him if he is unwilling to cooperate. As long as you have made sure you've done everything you can, it is probably time to say goodbye and give your love to a man who will return it with equal passion.

My personal history:

Having been with both a Gamer addict and a Drug addict, I found myself having more bad times than good times with my boyfriend despite how hard I try to stay positive. I understand that perhaps addicts can't fully control themselves, but it is a lifestyle choice they have made for themselves and are unwilling to change for me. Therefore I decided to move on in my life to another man, who happens to be a huge food addict but at least we have more good times than bad!relationship problems 2

For those of you who are in boyfriend situations such as this, take a little time to focus on your decision and not be so hasty. Try to think how this affects your long term relationship, say, 10 years down the line. Where do you think his addiction will take him? Is it a pretty place? Probably not.

The most crucial question you can ask yourself is this:
Are you having more good times than bad times?

If the answer is no, then there is a major problem you need to overcome or move away from.