Should you try Weight Loss Supplements

For the women who are trying to shed off some extra weight one question will surface all most every time the topic comes up. Do weight loss supplements really work? Should I try weight loss weight supplements? There have been two sided arguments to the debate. There is that argument that supports use of weight loss supplements while other dispels all the facts that state such supplements work.

Most nutritionists together with health and fitness experts don’t advocate for the use of these supplements. Their argument is that despite all the marketing and advisement going around, there is very little credible evidence that weight loss supplements actually work.

They argue that weight loss is as a result of taking in more calories that you use. If you burn more calories than you consume, it goes without saying that you will shed off some pounds. The only proven way of trimming down your weight is by eating less.

You can embark on a weight loss plan which can include walking for weight loss. Walking for an hour or so each day will go a long way in reducing fat not to mention that you will build up some muscles as well. The more you engage in an exercise program, and heighten your daily physical activity; the more weight you lose and maintain the new weight in the long run. This one of the weight loss tips for women that you may find very invaluable.

Why am I saying this? Because most women who want to lose weight fast try weight loss diets like the cabbage loss diet and end up frustrated when they can’t maintain the new found weight in the long run. Does the cabbage soup diet work? Like stated above, it actually does help in losing weight fast.

However, you need to know one or two healthy weight loss tips about cabbage soup diet soup to get the desired results.

· You need to strictly follow the diet to the letter.

· Eat it for seven days. Nothing more nothing less.

· Use other foods to complement nutrients the diet soup may fail to provide to your body.

· Each as much as you want any time you want.

· Have a weight loss plan so you know what to eat alongside the cabbage soup for the seven days.

· Use the right ingredients to make the soup (refer to the internet or read health and nutrition magazines).

Having said that, it is important to mention that the kind of calories you select is just as vital as the amounts of calories you consume. Highly refined and processed food more so carbohydrates will make your body store fat. Consuming moderate portions of foods that are slowly digested like fiber, whole grains, and lean proteins will hasten metabolism in additional to providing stable levels of energy.


Collectively supplements are ineffective and a few have been sighted as dangerous to human health. Most of these supplements are founded on stimulants whose use can trigger blood pressure, cause anxiety, lack of sleep in additional to irregular heartbeat.

However, despite the above insights, there are proven  supplements that actually work. They are safe and come in handy to supplement healthy diets like the cabbage soup diet. You can use green tea weight loss as a supplement for instance. According to experts, this supplement is loaded with healthy antioxidant and can help you lose weight safely as well.

Other supplements like fiber can help you in the quest to cut back on the amount of food you consume. Fiber delays the gastric emptying and takes a little longer time before leaving the stomach which in effect means that you will feel full. When your stomach feels full, it is therefore needless to say that you want eat a lot thereby limiting your food intake.

If you are planning to use supplements to help you control your weight, it is important to bring to your attention that a good number are sold as diet supplements and are in no way regulated by the FDA. To be sure that the product you intend to purchase has passed the quality control test you may have to check for the relevant quality assurance marks.

In the United States for instance the United States Pharnacopeia (USP) impress is the benchmark you can use to determine how safe the supplement is. Seek your doctor’s advice before settling on any supplements meant to help you lose weight.