There are many secure ways to carry your cash other than a back pocket wallet and a shoulder holster wallet is just one of them.

This is a great secure way to carry your cash, passports and cards in a shoulder holster fashion that is hidden under a jacket.  For this to work its best, you should be wearing a jacket over it.

Traveling is when many pick pockets happen, as many tourists tend to carry more cash while travelling, and having your cash, passport and credit cards safe is easier now with some of these more innovative products that are on the market now.

You can get money belts for men that are worn around the waist under your shirt or pants, and you can also get neck wallets that secure around your neck and under your shirt.  There are also leg money belts that you strap to the calf of your leg and it contains your valuables.  It all depends on what you feel most comfortable wearing.  Once you are comfortable, you are more likely to use it, and not walk like it is there!


I have friends that travel to many countries, and they will often hide money on themselves, and also have a decoy one for just in case they get mugged or pick pocketed.  No one likes to think they will, but it can happen.  They will keep smaller amounts of cash in a typical wallet and the rest of their stash in a hidden holster or money belts, that way if they get their wallet stolen they have not lost everything.

This style is easy to get at for you, and is secure with many different compartments for you to use.  Keeping all your cash and papers in this wallet is a great way to keep track of everything with no worries. 

By not having a crammed full wallet in your back pocket, you don’t run the risk of the pick pockets.  Also by having this style, you will always have your cash with you, for such times as driving.  Many men do not like sitting on their wallet and will take it out, leaving yourself open to theft.  By having hidden money wallets such as a this style, you put it on in the morning and you spend your day with it on.

At the airport this can by handy for keeping your tickets and passports in too, which a regular back pocket wallet does not have the room for, which then means you need to have two places for everything.

You can get affordable holster pockets that are made from good leather and are comfortable to wear with good secure straps that don’t hurt or bunch.  You can find these at many luggage and wallet stores, or you can also find them online at such sites as Amazon.

By shopping online you can get the variety that you would not get in one physical store.  Plus you can compare prices and get the best deal you can.  Safe guard your money this trip and check out the this style of wallet for yourself.