Crystal water beads are also known as water beads, gel beads or polymer crystals. They are vibrant-colored beads often used to keep cut flowers and flower arrangements fresh for a prolonged time. These water beads have the distinct ability to absorb, retain and disperse water over a long period of 7 – 9 weeks without the need for rehydration. This unique characteristic had allowed for its use in multiple applications.


These versatile polymer crystals help keep indoor and outdoor plant watered in a consistent manner. Water is released by the beads when the plants require it. This ensures no over-watering of plants. They also help conserve water as daily watering is eliminated.


They are also used as neck coolers or cool wraps for athletes like cyclists, hikers, tennis players, etc. to keep them cool after long periods of sports activity – a good way to hydrate them. They can also be made into blankets or cloths that can absorb spilled water.

On top of all these useful applications of water beads, there are many other ways to use them for decorative purposes. This is one field where one can show off his or her artistic skills and creative value as they use the polymer crystals. Some of the great decorative ideas include:


  • Display in clear, glass vases without the flowers or plants. This is a common decorative piece created for the home or place of work or business, out of colorful water beads. A little creativity is all it needs. A good choice of water bead colors to complement the interior motif of the home requires artistic sense. A layer of rainbow colors of water beads will surely brighten up a room while a combination of black and white will exude minimalist effect.

  • Candle accents or candle arrangements. Water beads are also used for decorative tabletops. Using water candle votives, let the water beads float. Place the tea candles on the floating beads. This is a good way to light candles without the risk of burning as they melt.

  • Alternative Light Source. You will be able to produce a sparkling light source by placing submersible LED lights into a glass bubble bowl of single color or multiple color water beads. The light penetrating the water beads will give a dazzling and shining effect.

  • Home Décor Ideas. Brighten up your child’s room by placing vibrant colors of water beads in a fishbowl, without the fish. To add effect, submersible LED lights may be put in the fishbowl with the hydrated water beads. They are not recommended to be placed in aquariums as they could potentially harm the fishes.

  • Base for Floral arrangements. Layers of colored water beads may be placed in glass vases or jars where fresh cut flowers may be inserted. Or the glass vase filled with colorful water beads may be the centerpiece of a floral spray surrounding the glass vase.

  • If your room is in need of air fresheners, make one out of the water beads. By adding scented oils into a glass container of water absorbent beads, you can give the room a refreshing odor. Submersible LED lights may be added for additional charm.

  • Seasonal and Special Events Decorative Centerpieces. These can make use of themes of the season (Christmas season can have candy cane, Halloween can have pumpkin, etc.) as the theme for creating decorative centerpieces using the various colors of the water beads. You can make a cylindrical glass container look like a candy cane by using clear, red and green water beads to create the image. Children will be delighted to see this.