Get Shower Chairs for Elderly - If you are a shower person, and love your daily shower, then imagine if you develop mobility issues, and now become scared to have that shower that you loved and took for granted every day.

Maybe you got dizzy, or slipped and hurt yourself. Maybe you don't have the strength to be standing while in the shower. Now you have that fear of slipping when stepping into the shower. But with shower chairs for elderly and anyone with mobility issues, you can still have a shower. They grip well and don't slip.

This will happen to many seniors, and anyone who develops mobility issues. The fear of falling is real. Maybe they have already had a fall, and are now terrified of another one. So, they resort to other means of bathing, and stop using the shower all together.shower chairs for elderly

But there are many mobility aids for elderly and seniors and anyone with mobility issues, that can help. Shower Chairs for elderly are a great example. They are a simple and straight forward design.

If you or your loved one is missing their shower, then consider investing in shower chairs, especially for elderly. These are a great way for them to enjoy the running warm water, be able to wash their hair properly and feel good about having a shower.

These shower chairs for elderly are available at medical supply stores and some pharmacies, but you can also get them online at places such as Amazon AquaSense Folding Bath and Shower Seat with Non-Slip Seat and Backrest, White (pictured)

The shower chairs are built for the shower, some can be for both shower and bath, but they are basically built strong with adjustable legs and non slip grip feet, so that they are not going to move once placed in the shower.

These work well, even if your shower is part of your bath tub. Or if you have a stand alone shower. Either way these shower chairs will adjust to the height you want. They have holes in the seat for drainage, and the senior or any person with mobility issues, can just sit on this seat and wash. This model has a back on it, for comfort and support. But you can also get shower stools, if you prefer no back. It all depends on how mobile you are.

Having the warm water shower over them, feels great, and they can wash their hair. This gives the senior a sense of independence. Most chairs can be taken out of the tub or shower, and are portable. This particular model can fold up and be taken anywhere you go, especially if you like to travel, but are not confident standing in the tub or shower for fear of slipping.

Shopping online for mobility aids, is a great place to start. There is more variety to choose from, and you can see just what the latest inventions are when it comes to helping anyone with mobility issues.AquaSense Folding Bath and Shower Seat with Non-Slip Seat and Backrest, White

You can compare prices, and check out all the many models of the aid you are looking for. When it comes to shower chairs for elderly, there are many styles and models to choose from. There are larger shower chairs with side arms, and there are simple shower stools. It all depends on the needs of you or your loved one, and what is going to make their life easier.

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